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Uphorix – Test Automation Platform for End-to-End Agile SDLC

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  • December 21, 2021
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From finding errors in a software product, the goal of software testing has expanded to improve product quality and provide other benefits such as:
● Save money
● Improve security and compliance
● Enhance customer satisfaction
● Enhance the development process
● Simplify addition of new features
● Enhance the performance of the software

With time, the software development lifecycle started shrinking to enable faster release of updates and patches. Testers too started automating the testing process to reduce manual efforts for repetitive processes such as regression testing. Automation testing has now become the default way of testing and continues to evolve to keep pace with the changing requirements of the developers and the customers.

As a result, the global automation testing market size is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.0%, from USD 12.6 billion in 2019 to USD 28.8 billion by Automated testing involves automating testing scripts and can be static or dynamic. Static testing can be implemented even at an early stage of the development process when the code is still not logically completed.

Test Automation Platform

A test automation platform enables automating the QA efforts by using scripts of prewritten set of steps that mimic user actions and automate software testing. It covers the various use cases for which the software has to be tested for. The Platform also unites Functional (Manual & Automation), Non-Functional (Performance & Security), and Compatibility Testing together.

The scripts can be created by recording the steps of testing and then replaying them to speed up the testing process for every iteration. It can also be used to compare the desired results with the actual test results obtained. While minimizing human errors, it can also be run the whole day, thereby enabling more testing.

Benefits of a Test Automation Platform
Test automation platforms are especially useful when testing complex and large-scale products to reduce human errors caused in manual testing and improve the quality of the product. The benefits of a Test Automation include:

Efficient Utilization of Time: Automating testing speeds up the process, leading to
faster time to market and more releases. The second benefit is that testing can be run
24/7 and can be managed remotely, further speeding up the process.

Cost Effectiveness: Investing in a test automation platform is a one-time cost that
promises higher returns due to improved efficiency and productivity.

Early Detection of Bugs: The speed factor contributes to early detection of bugs in the
software development cycle, early fixing of bugs, and thereby leading to faster
development of software.

Reusability: Test scripts can be created using the record feature to grab the steps
involved in testing the various use cases and then reused to test different products.

Improve Accuracy: Manual testing is prone to introduce human error. The more
complex the project, the higher the risk. With a test automation platform, this can be
minimized to almost zero.

Parallel Testing: By automating the testing process, parallel testing becomes possible
as the scripts can be used for testing different features or products concurrently. This
optimizes resource utilization and enables faster releases.

Higher Test Coverage: Automating the QA process frees up resources to build more
test cases and improve coverage.

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Uphorix Offering Speed, Flexibility and Reusability

Uphorix is a smart unified testing platform from Indium Software, a leading global digital technology services company. The platform provides all-in-one Smart Quality Assurance (QA)integrating functional testing, performance testing, security and compatibility for faster and frequent release of software/application and address the pain points of building new age applications.

While improving collaboration between QA functions, uphoriX is designed to reduce the overall complexity of the testing processes by automating and increasing the test coverage. This will reduce test creation time as well as maintenance efforts. By enduring 30-40% of the end-to-end testing lifecycle, it can speed up development by 10x and accelerate digital transformation across industries. It automates the tests over the cloud, is compatible with all testing tools and integrates with most of the DevOps tools. This facilitates CI/CD and also supports automation in an Agile Sprint model.


Some of the key features of uphoriX include:
Low code Automation: Creating test scripts in automation and a stable framework can
take nearly 60% of the time. uphoriX, built on top of Selenium POM, helps kick-start test
automation from day 1, making test automation robust and scalable. It can can enable
auto-generation of scripts in any chosen format, such as JAVA, C#, JavaScript,
Typescript etc.

Flexi Grab: A record and play feature, it is especially useful for UAT and manual testing.
As Flexi Grab captures the user interaction on the application such as Textbox values,
button clicks, form submission etc., manual defect retesting cycle is reduced by at least
40% to 50% for web based applications. uphoriX uses a browser plugin for capturing the
user interaction on the application as Selenium does not have a native record & play
feature. The captured script can be organized as scenarios and test cases.

Intelligent Script Maintenance: Applications are constantly changing, because of
which many test automation initiatives do not give ROI. To be able to use the affected
scripts requires careful analysis and fixing at great effort and time. uphoriX platform’s
Auto Heal feature intelligently handles application UI element changes and alerts the
user of the need for change. Once the user confirms the changes, they get incorporated
into the scripts, saving at least 30%–40% of effort on automation script maintenance.

Script Once NFT: Non-functional testing (NFT) is used to assess the performance and
vulnerability aspects of an application. This includes:

  • Performance Testing: uphoriX enables re-using the Selenium script generated for
    automation and run performance tests, speeding up the seamless release cycle
    times and bottlenecks.
  • Security testing: uphoriX platform supports DevSecOps and ICOVA–Integrated &
    Continuous Vulnerability Analysis–enables re-use of automation scripts created
    using the uphoriX platform to run Vulnerability Assessment.
  • Compatibility Assessment: Browserstack is used to execute the tests over the cloud
    on real devices in a combination of browser/desktop OS/Android version/IOS
    version/Windows mobile versions. IACA–Integrated & Automated compatibility
    assessment facilitates the integration of the automation created using uphoriX platform
    with CD/CI tools to automatically trigger compatibility assessment for every release.
  • Native Test Data Generator: QA requires real-world test data to unearth application
    defects, which can be challenging for testers. D-Gen is an uphoriX native test data
    generation utility in which the user can configure the data format as a regular expression
    to generate huge volumes of data. The output can be directed to a text file, database or
    JSON based output.

Advantages of uphoriX

uphoriX is a smart test platform that provides the following benefits:
● Parallel testing for faster testing cycle
● Easy to use features, allowing even non-technical users to use it
● Supports several CD/CI tools such as Jenkins, Circle CI, Azure etc,
● Allowing Vulnerability Assessment to be done for every single build, aligning to
DevSecOps principle
● Reliable, scalable, robust, and highly secure
● Works with any test automation framework
uphoriX is a complete platform that allows a single flavour of scripts to perform the complete
range of QA services such as automation, performance, security and compatibility testing. Its
auto-establishment of Test Artefacts in standard formats resolves technical bias and allows
business users to benefit. Enjoy extensive QA coverage through test automation, compatibility across multiplex device/OS/browser combinations, continuous performance and vulnerability analysis. With uphoriX, one of the greatest advantages is that it helps improve synergy between functional (manual, automation) and non-functional testing teams (performance).

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