uphoriX - Indium’s smart test automation platform

Deliver top-notch products with 10x faster test release cycles.

uphoriX - Indium’s smart test automation platform

Deliver top-notch products with 10x faster test release cycles.

Are you sure your testing infrastructure drives desired results?

Businesses need to deliver high-quality products and services faster than ever before. Speed and quality are prerequisites that are no longer trade-offs but table stakes.

uphoriX, the all-in-one smart test automation platform, does just that. uphoriX is a pre-built solution that you can start using without any disruption. It automates the testing process and integrates seamlessly with DevOps, enabling your business to deliver high-quality products with 10x faster release cycles.

Fast-track your testing cycles with uphoriX.

uphoriX is the all-in-one solution for your QA needs. Expedite your testing process and save time and money with parallel testing, reusable scripts, automation, compatibility drivers, and more.

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Orchestrating your QA ecosystem with uphoriX

uphoriX—Built smart

Low-code automation

Selenium-based automation saves 60% of script development time (Java, C#, JS, TypeScript).

Intelligent script maintenance

80% auto-heal built-in intelligence cuts script maintenance time by 40%.

Script once NFT

‘One script – script once’ approach combines performance and vulnerability assessment.

Responsive design

Automates testing across browsers and devices for compatibility and seamless integration.

Native test data generator

Generate massive test data sets in any format instantly.

Untangling testing complexities with a test automation accelerator

As a QA leader with over two decades of experience, we disrupt traditional software development with our Test-Ops approach and one-of-a-kind test automation platform, uphoriX! 

What we do, we do best, and that sets us apart!


We built uphoriX based on our experience tackling complex projects and industry challenges over multiple years.

Quick start

Easy to use with standard artifacts and flexi-grab feature, makes uphoriX perfect for businesses with diverse, light requirements.

Extensible platform

uphoriX customizes to your needs for test automation, performance, security, and compatibility testing - all at no extra cost.

Robust solution

Get 30% faster test cycles, 50% less retesting, and 70% less prep work with uphoriX!.


uphoriX's adaptive testing and auto-healing power agile development with extensive QA coverage across platforms.

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