BPM Nitro

Maximize the power of automation and conquer your process peaks with Indium’s BPM Nitro

BPM Nitro

Maximize the power of automation and conquer your process peaks with Indium’s BPM Nitro

Traditional bpm? A relic of the past

Traditional BPM integrations with Java? It was a gladiatorial battle, leaving you bruised and battered. Development time? A bottomless pit was threatening to swallow your precious resources. And integrations with other systems? The Sphinx’s riddle is forever shrouded in mystery. Through it all, one mantra emerged: “There must be a better way!” Thus, BPM Nitro was born.

We at Indium believe every business deserves a smooth-sailing voyage, free from the treacherous tides of traditional integration woes. And that’s where our BPM Nitro – the Mendix Accelerator – comes in, your trusty compass to navigate the 7 wonders of BPM automation.

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Why We Built BPM Nitro

BPM Nitro Accelerator is more than just an accelerator, it's a philosophy!

200 to 2,000+ hours saved on integration tasks, freeing up your team for innovation.
400+ pre-built functional integrations with Camunda, eliminating manual coding and errors
BPMN2.0 Modeler, Viewer, and Tracker: Build and manage processes directly from your Mendix app; no coding is required.
10X faster process automation: Get things done quicker with Camunda’s powerful engine and Mendix’s rapid development platform.
Mendix Governance over Camunda: Leverage Mendix’s robust security and governance features for complete control over your workflows.
RBAC, Dashboards, Auditing, and Reporting: Gain real-time insights into your processes and make data-driven decisions.
Extendable to any BPMN Suite: Don’t get locked in with Camunda. Our accelerator can adapt to jBPMN, Pega, and more.
Future-proof your investment: Stay ahead of the curve with a solution that evolves with your needs.

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