Healthcare services for payors, providers, and health-tech

Putting patients first: Our digital innovations improve health outcomes, reduce treatment costs, and simplify your financial journey.

Healthcare services for payors, providers, and health-tech

Putting patients first: Our digital innovations improve health outcomes, reduce treatment costs, and simplify your financial journey.

Our approach “makes technology work” – to give patients a sense of being heard, understood, and assisted. We make the entire healthcare value chain processes seamless and more responsive to patient needs.

Our holistic approach ensures that our solutions not only help but add significant value and improve processes and systems across the healthcare ecosystem. That’s good for everyone – The patient. The provider. The payor.

Leaders Who Trust Us

Our digital engineering services - Making healthcare seamless!

Our innovative solutions help leading payor companies streamline their operations and implement process improvements.

Benefits & enrolment platform

Our solution efficiently processes Medicare and Medicaid membership and eligibility and can handle over 100K transactions annually.

New clients on-boarding

For new clients on-boarding, we have remediated end-to-end claim processing applications to support ASO processes.

Benefit coding

This dynamic solution is based on benefits summary documents and possesses extensive knowledge on coding various benefit configurations.

Member analytics

We leverage AI and ML to extract data from patient clinical systems and EMR systems, supporting prediction models based on disease/drug categories.

Digital engineering

Our suite of services cover end-to-end green field applications using modern tech stacks and full-stack engineering.

Digital assurance service

It encompasses functional testing, automation testing, performance engineering, and data assurance testing.

Partnership with AWS, Azure and GCP

Being a trusted partner, We provide both consulting and advisory services for on-prem to cloud migration.

Our services help healthcare providers focus on patient-centric care and the care journey.

Remote patient monitoring

Our solution provides a Telehealth and monitoring portal/mobile app with a comprehensive clinical workflow.

Population health management

We customize our products to segment patients based on chronic disease categories and drive focused care management plans.

Analytical solution for preventive care management

Our solution identifies vulnerable patient populations based on pre-existing conditions and clinical notes, with an automated workflow for patient enrolment in preventive care programs.

Clinical decision-making

We build greenfield applications that allow physicians to determine treatment pathways for oncology patients with extensive disease management workflows and predictive analytics.

Patient 360

We integrate data from disparate clinical systems to build a longitudinal health record for patients, providing a 360-degree view of their treatment episodes through our patient 360 and insights service.

We help industry-leading pharma companies with regulatory compliance and clinical management solutions.

Greenfield application development through low-code platforms

We do the entire gamut of market selection, cost optimization, regulatory & reporting process.

Process modeling solutions

Our low-code solutions help across the selection to commercialization value chain’ in the pharmaceutical business.

Clinical trials solution with complete workflow

Our clinical trials solution is complete with workflow for medical oncology patients.

Patient engagement mobile applications

Our patient engagement mobile applications for Irritable Bowel Disease are built with a comprehensive clinical workflow.

We help leading health tech giants reduce operational costs and fine-tune their revenue cycle process.

AI solutions

Our AI solutions enable smell digitization by ingesting data from olfactory sensors and classifying smell/sense patterns to trigger alerts on abnormalities.

Data archival solutions

This cloud solution helps larger EMR systems to archive historical records through well-defined ETL pipelines.

Virtual telehealth

Our application supports ICU/CCU care management teams with video conferencing and real-time collaboration features, enabling seamless care management.

Claim submission on the go

Our reusable AIML solutions derive clinical insights/diagnosis from the physician-patient audio conversations and enable the downstream process to build clean claims records for the RCM systems.

Our work

Custom healthcare solutions that can be integrated into your infrastructure from day one!

Patient-360, remote patient monitoring, and Social Determinants of Healthcare ML model are plug-and-play solutions for healthcare providers and payors.

Custom healthcare solutions

Delivering patient-centric solutions that improve value-based care.

How our digital touchpoints set us apart in tackling the most complex healthcare challenges.

Healthcare consumerism

We empower healthcare providers and payors to allow patients to make their own healthcare decisions.

Seamless patient experience

Our solutions enhance patient satisfaction and foster a strong patient-provider bond.

360-degree care

All-inclusive services and solutions deliver efficient, personalized, and high-quality care.

Value-based care solutions

Investments in value-based care companies by private equity firms have surged by fourfold.

Increased healthcare accessibility

Our healthcare delivery models focus on equity, quality, and cost of care.

First-time-right claims

Generate patient summaries and claim reports with ICD codes in near real-time.

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