Chaos Engineering Services

Break it to build it

Chaos Engineering Services

Break it to build it

Wherever weak spots are likely to appear in your building, you employ defenses, don’t you? That’s what you need to do to your business too. It’s imperative to deliberately inject disruptions like network outages or hardware failures into production systems to learn how robust your ecosystem is. By observing how the system recovers, you gain invaluable insights into its resilience and hidden vulnerabilities.

We follow the “break it to build it” philosophy to strengthen your system’s ability by pushing it beyond its comfort zone and discovering its true limits. With this data in hand, we build robust defenses against future chaos.

Chaos Engineering Intro

Our services

Load testing

Simulate multi-user access to optimize application speed.

Stress testing

Conduct intense testing to ensure infrastructure stability.

Cloud performance assessment

Server monitoring (cloudwatch for AWS, Azure monitoring, APM tools, etc.) and DB analysis using RDS, CDS, etc.

Post-mortem analysis

Identify failure’s root cause and make changes to prevent future breakdowns.

Early performance testing

Reveal performance issues early in the testing lifecycle.

Performance benchmarking

Identify and close performance gaps.

Performance engineering consulting

Adapt to dynamic workloads with informed decisions and expert guidance.

Resiliency assessment

Assess resiliency and identify improvement opportunities.

Chaos Engineering

Introduce failures/unexpected events into your system to identify weaknesses.

Our work

Our chaos engineering success charter!

What we do, we do best, and that sets us apart!

Recovery objective

We help your systems achieve their recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO).

Auto incident mitigation

We test systems that are on auto-pilot incident mitigation mode too, such as database failovers, redundant instances, and data recovery.


With our complex troubleshooting techniques, we make sure your system can handle cyber-attacks or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).

Domain expertise

With over two decades of testing expertise handling multiple complex projects across BFSI, retail and healthcare domains, we help avoid outages and business disasters.

Fast-track your testing cycles with the all-in-one test accelerator, uphoriX.

If you are looking for a one-stop solution that can save software testing costs, expedite the testing process, and fulfill all your QA requirements on the go, you are in the right spot.

Here’s a quick demo to help you understand how you can benefit from uphoriX!

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