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Streamline your Dev-Test-Ops cycle to maximize operational efficiency, with improved product quality with faster time to market

With Indium’s TestOps, integrate test automation and DevOps, for faster code throughput and rapid release cycles.

As enterprises embrace rapid digital transformation, the role of digital assurance has become more important. If you are looking to speed up the product development lifecycle, using a manual process for deployment and testing can be counterproductive. 

The need of the hour is to integrate QA into the DevOps process and make sure most of the testing is done in the development environment.  

Having a robust QAOps (also known as TestOps) framework will minimize tool compatibility issues, reduce time delays, and will help enterprises by driving efficiency into the release cycle.

Indium’s TestOps team adopts a Shift Left approach to testing. We make it easy to streamline operations across the following key areas: Test Environment Deployment and Management, Validation, and Test Data Management and Monitoring. This ensures rapid release while reducing bugs by automating CI, QA, and continuous deployment (CD).

TestOps - Key Capabilities

Indium’s TestOps approach integrates IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS for managing and scaling the Dev-Test-Ops cycle.


Test Environment Deployment

Plan for infrastructure provisioning, scripts for automated application deployment, quick rollback for hotfixes of bugs, container deployment to manage production environment needs

TestOps Management

Maintaining a central repository of test environments; Monitor test execution; Streamline testing tools integration; Effective communication between development and QA teams


Run scheduled Automated Tests; Run Unit tests, API, Component, Integration, GUI, and Non-functional tests; Control CI/CD system; Release planning

Test Data Management & Insights

Plan Test Data Provisioning, Traceability, and Privatization; Manage Test Repository and Reports;  Testing analytics; Expertise in using tools like Kibana, Fiddler and Apptim

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Indium TestOps Framework

Indium’s TestOps framework bridges DevOps Integrations, Test Lifecyle Management, Test Planning and Test Version Control.

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