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Connecting the dots for seamless IoT Assurance.

Indium’s IoT Testing experts ensure your IoT ecosystem works as expected across all seven layers and validate the system End to End

As companies embrace Industry 4.0, we are seeing greater adoption of IoT-enabled devices. IoT enables the convergence of physical and digital worlds and by embedding IP-enabled devices in home automation systems, wearable devices, automobiles, industrial equipment, etc., we’re able to access real-time data used for analytics.

A robust IoT testing framework is critical to ensure the performance, functionality, reliability, and quality of your IoT implementations.

This includes everything from hardware validation to data security, access management, compliance, and seamless integration.

Indium’s IoT Testing team makes it simple to streamline test operations across the following steps – infrastructure and network setup; test automation frameworks & test data management; firmware validation; communication protocols; data storage and processing; and testing of each app component and end-to-end IoT workflows.

Indium’s IoT stack coverage

Indium’s testing framework for IoT stack ensures the interoperability of IoT components,and the capability to collect, process, store and present the data in useful way. This type of testing is essential for ensuring the reliability and performance of your IoT system.

IoT Testing - Key Capabilities

Indium tests the entire system, from the embedded devices to the back-end servers and databases, ensuring their proper and secure functioning. This makes sure that the devices can handle the large amounts of data created by the connected devices and are safe from any cyber threats that might come their way.


Physical Devices & Controllers

We focus on evaluating the functionality, reliability, and performance of physical IoT devices and the controllers that manage them. Our test approach includes firmware testing, interoperability testing, and protocol testing.


Testing the ability to transmit data securely and reliably between devices through network and communication testing ensuring the communication protocols used by the IoT system operate effectively and securely in real-world scenarios.

Data Layer

We ensure your data is stored, processed, and retrieved effectively while maintaining privacy and security. Our data layer testing includes Security testing, Data flow validations, Data Assurance, Application Enterprise Algorithm Validation, and API testing.


Indium conducts functional testing to validate the IoT device or system to ensure that it meets the requirements and specifications. This includes both manual and automated unit testing, system testing, regression testing, and smoke testing.

Collaboration & Processes

Indium conducts performance, reliability, scalability, user interface, and security testing of the IoT ecosystem. We do simulation as well as real-world scenario testing. We focus on providing a user-friendly and reliable dashboard that shares real-time information, insights, reports, and event testing details for managing IoT devices and systems and that integrates well with other systems used by the business.

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