IoT Testing Services

Don’t just connect, protect.

IoT Testing Services

Don’t just connect, protect.

From hidden glitches to flawless flow: Securing your IoT journey.

In the realm of enterprise IoT, imagine a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where connected devices and sensors seamlessly communicate vital production data. However, a potential software glitch could disrupt this harmony, leading to costly downtime and operational chaos. Smart devices are woven into the fabric of our lives, the stakes are higher than ever. It’s not enough to connect – you need to protect.

With our IoT testing services, ensure the resilience of your interconnected infrastructure, guarding against vulnerabilities and maintaining the integrity of critical data flows.

IoT Assurance Intro

Our services

Let us build a fortress of security around your valuable data and smart devices. It’s time to Connect with Confidence.


Expertise you can trust

Our team of seasoned IoT specialists possess the experience and technical prowess to tackle any challenge, big or small.

Comprehensive protection

We cover all seven layers of your IoT architecture, from hardware validation to data security and everything in between.

Streamlined workflow

We simplify test operations, taking the hassle out of ensuring top-notch performance and reliability.

Future-proofed solutions

We stay ahead of the curve, constantly evolving our methods to stay one step ahead of emerging threats.

Our work

Plug into confidence: Secure your IoT ecosystem

Indium’s IoT Testing Services are like savvy market inspectors, ensuring everything runs smoothly and safely. We test every corner of your network, from embedded devices to the bustling data warehouses in the back (servers and databases).

We leave no stone unturned:

Physical devices & controllers

We examine your devices, testing their strength, smarts, and reliability. Can they handle the data deluge? Are they immune to digital pickpockets? We leave no question unanswered.


We ensure your devices talk securely and clearly. Network and communication testing ensure their whispers reach the right ears, loud and proud.

Data layer

Your data is safe from prying eyes and digital dragons, ensuring privacy and integrity. We'll test your data flow, make sure your algorithms are sharp, and keep your secrets under lock and key.


Like meticulous artisans, we test every corner of your IoT app, ensuring it works exactly as planned. We'll uncover any bugs lurking in the code so your smart thermostat doesn't turn your home into a hot tub.

Collaboration & processes

We're not just testers; we're partners. We'll work alongside you, simulating real-world scenarios and crafting a user-friendly dashboard to monitor your IoT ecosystem. Think of it as a crystal ball, showing you the health and happiness of your connected devices in real time.

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