Indium X Tricentis

Validating every stage of your digital journey – A partnership that heralds a new era in software testing and quality assurance.

Indium X Tricentis

Validating every stage of your digital journey – A partnership that heralds a new era in software testing and quality assurance.

Redefining software development

We (Make Technology Work) specialize in rapid digital evolution through a model-based test approach, ensuring accelerated script creation and streamlined maintenance. Our expertise spans end-to-end application quality assurance, data validation, performance testing, and regulatory compliance, including in Life Sciences (CFR 21 Part 11). With our homegrown accelerators like, ibriX, uphoriX, BPM Nitro, and iDAF, coupled with robust partnerships with industry leaders including AWS, Azure, GCP, Mendix, Striim, and Databricks, we’re a digital engineering company transforming next-gen solutions in applications, data, and gaming.

How we work together

Indium employs a Model-Based Test approach, optimizing testing activities such as test script creation, modification, and maintenance. This methodology results in expedited release cycles, saving valuable time and resources while ensuring the delivery of high-quality Salesforce applications

Our proficiency in Salesforce and TOSCA’s AI-driven Salesforce engine seamlessly navigates evolving features and fields. This synergy ensures adaptability to changes, providing a robust solution for dynamic Salesforce environments.

Utilizing AI-driven unattended nightly automated regression tests, we enhance application quality while strategically optimizing operational costs. This approach guarantees reliable and efficient testing, improving overall quality and cost-effectiveness in Salesforce development and maintenance.

Tricentis tools and products - How Indium leverages them


Indium employs Tricentis Tosca’s AI-powered, codeless testing to expedite end-to-end testing and reduce software release risks. Tricentis Tosca’s unique AI-driven, codeless approach ensures smooth business process functioning amidst changes.


Indium employs Tricentis qTest for centralized test management, ensuring swift quality management across the software development lifecycle.

Test Management for Jira

Indium integrates Tricentis test management into Jira Cloud, facilitating faster collaboration and issue resolution among teams.


Indium utilizes Tricentis Vera™ to expedite compliance processes in life sciences, ensuring efficient regulatory management.

Data Integrity

Indium ensures data accuracy and usability using Tricentis Data Integrity across various systems and operations.


Indium accelerates UI testing for custom web applications through Tricentis Testim, ensuring quality and reliability in Agile release processes.


Indium employs Tricentis NeoLoad for rapid performance testing across different application architectures, ensuring scalability and reliability.

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