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Databricks Services

Digital transformation of your business necessitates aligning
data, analytics, AI – all in one platform.

With ibriX, organizations can now accelerate innovation by unifying data science with engineering and business

Businesses have always had tools and technologies to address the needs around generating actionable insights, by processing and mining massive quantities of data. However, there are challenges faced in terms to choosing the right horses for the courses.

It’s always a challenge to identify a robust, flexible and scalable platform for end-to-end


data analytics which includes data engineering,  data transformation and data science. This is where we think Databricks excels.

Databricks Unified Data Analytics platform coupled with Indium’s Databricks AI Platform – ibriX can make your business extremely agile, highly performant, and significantly efficient in obtaining business insights


Databricks Services

With deep expertise in Databricks Lakehouse, Advanced Analytics & Data Products, Indium Software provides wide range of services to help our clients’ business needs.

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ibriX – Indium’s Databricks AI Platform

Extend your Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform into an end-to-end data and AI platform with Indium’s ibriX solution.

ibriX solution accelerator is a packaged combination of AI/ML use cases, custom scripts, reusable libraries, processes, policies, optimization techniques, performance management with various levels of automation including standard operational procedures and best practices.

ibriX – Indium’s Databricks AI Platform

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Reference Architecture

An architecture that addresses a range of data and analytics needs is a preliminary requirement for organizations to take advantage of the latest offerings from Databricks. Indium Software’s information architecture infuses best practices derived from implementations across multiple clients and verticals, constantly tuned to latest technological advancements.

Reference Architecture

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