Managed Analytics Services - AI/MLOps

AI/MLOps so seamless, you’ll never even know we were there!  

Managed Analytics Services - AI/MLOps

AI/MLOps so seamless, you’ll never even know we were there!  

Remember the thrill and trepidation of Jenga?

Building an AI model can be akin to pulling out a Jenga block, with the fear of toppling the entire tower. At Indium Software, we serve as your adept Jenga master, ensuring stability in your AL/MLOps strategy. We guide you through the intricate terrain of data pipelines, model training, integration, deployment, and optimization without risking a project tailspin. Maximize your AI/MLOps investments by scaling automation in your ML lifecycle with our pre-built solutions: guaranteeing impactful models, not just technical complexity.

Managed Analytics Service Intro

Let's be honest, AI can be a messy house guest

Only 15% of enterprises crack AI’s ROI code. The rest?

Data, models, deployment – separate tables, ready to crumble

Data scientists drowning in tasks, no time for innovation

No clue how models work, risking bias and bad results

Regulations loom, threatening to topple your whole tower

Our AL/MLOps is your Jenga master, building a rock-solid AI foundation

Data, models, and deployment are seamlessly connected

Free your team and let them build complex AI structures

See how your models perform and fix wobbles before they break

Build your empire with MLOps

Our services

Stop building models that gather dust. We help you deploy, manage, and optimize them for maximum impact. But wait, there’s more! We also help you use AI to unlock hidden potential in your IT operations: 

Deployment & Orchestration

Seamlessly launch your models into production like a rocket blasting off.

CI/CD for Models

Automate updates and version control, keeping your models fresh and relevant.

Data Management

Keep your data organized and trackable, the fuel for your AI engine.

Infrastructure Optimization

Squeeze the most juice from your resources, training, and running models efficiently.

Anomaly Detection

Spot trouble brewing before it boils over, keeping your systems humming. 

Predictive Insights

See the future of your IT, take proactive steps, and avoid headaches.

Automated Root Cause Analysis

Skip the detective work and let AI pinpoint problems instantly. 

Our work

Here's why we're the perfect partner

10+ years of AI magic

We've seen it all, and we know how to make your specific industry sing.

3x performance boost

Forget sluggish models; we'll have your AI sprinting to insights.

Cloud whisperers

We speak the cloud language fluently (AWS, GCP, and more), and your models will be platform pros.

Dream team blends

Data, AI, and AWS experts, all working together for your AI victory.

40% faster to market

Leave the slow lane behind; your AI will be the toast of town.

30% model accuracy boost

Sip on reliable insights, not errors, with our optimization magic.

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