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Information Technology solutions have revolutionized the way the retail industry works, making customer the king in more ways than one. This digital revolution has forced brick and mortar retailers to revise their business strategy and keep pace with the younger ventures that have leveraged the IT advantage from day one.

Some of the common trends in the industry include:

Enterprise software for managing the supply chain and the other operations of the retailer, enhancing efficiencies

E-commerce that has enabled retailers to change buying and selling of retail products by enabling customers to order anything from anywhere

Point of sales systems that have made billing and despatching easier, shortening the wait near the billing counter as also tracking and rewarding loyal customers through focused schemes and promotions

Analytics and marketing programs for targeted promotions that encourage upsell and cross sell of products based on customer behaviour and preferences

Big Data Engineering


Advanced Analytics

Blockchain Solutions

Product Development



Big Data Engineering


Advanced Analytics

Blockchain Solutions

Product Development

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“Retail Testing Framework``

Indium Software’s Retail Testing Framework Helps in Business Growth With Comprehensive Testing

To be able to benefit from these trends, retailers need protection of their IT investments while synchronising them with modern web technologies to benefit from cloud, mobility and IOT. They need to be able to benchmark the performance of their outlets online and offline, gear up to meet competition as well as create meaningful market strategies to target customers better.

To stay relevant and ensure continued success, retailers must scale up their analytics to achieve:

Better Product Margins

Better Customer Targeting

Better Product mix at a Store level

Data Driven Decision Making Around Pricing

Better Return on Marketing Investment

Indium Solutions

Indium uses Big Data technologies to help retailers leverage their data and develop strategies based on:

Customer Analytics

It enables customer-facing personnel and marketers to have a single view of customers across channels and businesses. It reveals insights into customer behavior and enriches overall customer experience and loyalty. Solutions under customer analytics include:

Next Best Action

Recommendation engine

Loyalty analytics

Response and prospect analytics

Churn analytics

Pricing Analytics

This helps to establish price elasticity, impact of promotions and markdowns. It also enables finance personnel and heads of businesses to determine profitable products, customers and services and allocate costs accordingly to improve profitability.

Leveraging promotions

The insights can also help retail organisations:

Optimize trade spends across categories in the portfolio

Identify key brands whose promotions are helping in category growth

Define pricing strategies for own / store brand

Demand forecasting and replenishment

They can continuously improve demand forecasting for better management of supply chain, effectively manage distribution while minimizing stock-outs and benefit from SKU velocity analysis.

Indium Testing Service

Indium also offers software testing services for the retail industry and has two decades of experience, domain expertise, technically qualified team as well as the right devices to provide comprehensive, end-to-end testing services. Indium’s expertise covers the following:

Application Expertise

Point of Sale (PoS)

Bar code systems



Contract Management System


Vendor Management



Inventory Management

Payment processes

Supply chain management

Warehouse Management

Business Intelligence


e-Commerce Testing Expertise

ETL Testing

Functional, Regression, Performance Testing

Compliance Testing

RFID Testing

Security Testing

Device/Mobile Testing

PoS testing

Test process consulting

SOAT (System Operation Acceptance Testing)

Indium Experience and Expertise

Indium has proved time and again that it is equipped to address all the challenges faced by retailers. Its testing approach includes

Functionality and Usability testing from technical requirement, business transaction context and across OSs/Devices/Browsers perspectives

IP-led Test Automation suite, iSafe, for e-commerce solution, promotion system, Point of Sale (PoS) and Content Management System (CMS)

Integration Testing as ecommerce solution collaborate with Supply Chain Management, merchandisers, promotion system and sales channels

Guaranteed Performance Improvement to test and tune the high demand e-commerce solution and applications hosted in cloud

Penetration Test to determine vulnerabilities of e-commerce solution

Verification of business processes and data validation in non-production environments during promotions

PCI DSS Compliance testing ensures secure online payment. Indium is one of the few to be able to test for Section 508 (ADA) compliance, which ensures inclusivity for the specially-enabled and the geriatric customers, as well as benefits the retailers by expanding their potential customer base.

The key metrics that our customers have realized include

More test cycles and enhanced test coverage

Reduced test cycle time, higher ‘RoI’ from Test Automation

Robust testing process and controlled product quality

Reduction in user reported defects “lowering defect escapes”

Early defect detection & prevention