Data Assurance Services

Make confident decisions with quality data in hand.

Data Assurance Services

Make confident decisions with quality data in hand.

Is the information you have accurate, complete, up-to-date, and consistent? If not, using it might lead to bad decisions. Data quality management is ideal for keeping your information accurate and reliable. This means watching over your data from the moment it’s collected, through all the processing and analysis, and right until it’s used.

It’s not just about having the information; it’s about making sure it’s clean and reliable so you can actually trust the results you get when you leverage it. Good data quality ensures your operations, plans, and decisions are built on a solid foundation, and that’s exactly what we do! We implement an efficient framework to clean and manage your information and extract the maximum potential out of your data.

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Indium Data Validation Framework- iDAF

We leverage Our iDAF (Data Validation Framework), a holistic solution to validate target and source datasets for Data Quality, Completeness, Integrity, and consistency. The framework can consume real-time data from sources like STRIIM and compare it in real time. It provides a graphical dashboard view of all the data inconsistencies, enabling customers to make informed decisions faster.


Are you ready to transform your data validation with a robust data assurance framework?

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Pre-built, ready-to-use data validation (iDAF) and test automation (uphoriX) accelerators further streamline your DQM journey.

Data coverage

We help validate 100% of data, eliminating sampling methods across heterogeneous data sources.

High ROI

We help create high-quality data that increases ROI for businesses that are highly dependent on data.

Detailed report/analysis

Gain comprehensive insights with detailed reports, reducing error detection time by 70% and enabling quick decision-making.

Data quality dimensions

We ensure you achieve data CACTI - consistency, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and integrity.

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