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While embarking on a ‘digital transformation journey’ sounds inspirational, modernizing the IT infrastructure and switching to a more modern and efficient cloud solution requires the right people and platform. When migrating data, organizations typically contend with poor scalability, operational overheads, security concerns, and high overheads.

Google Cloud Platform’s speed, scale, and AI-powered security are unmatched, allowing you to break through silos,design innovative user experiences, draw insights at a global scale, and make real-time choices.

Whether you want to move to the cloud entirely or find a hybrid solution, Indium’s customized solutions for GCP are geared to maximize ROI and productivity. A digital engineering services leader and full spectrum integrator, we help customers confidently navigate the cloud-native world.

Our expertise across applications, data & analytics, AI, DevOps, security, and digital assurance enables us to “Make technology work,” accelerating business value and adding scale and velocity to your business.

GCP Engineering Services

Grow your business on the same global cloud infrastructure that runs the world’s most popular search engine.

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Focused Offerings


HBase to Cloud BigTable Migration

Replace unwieldy EOL HBase workloads with a fully-managed Cloud BigTable that integrates GCP’s AI/ML capabilities. The result? Lower TCO, simplified operations, and innovation.

On-prem DB to Cloud Spanner/ CloudSQL / AlloyDB Migration

De-risk by migrating on-premise databases to fully-managed DBs with our migration framework and accelerators. Eliminate capacity restrictions, high license prices, and tight architecture.

Real-time Data Sync on GCP with Striim

Build real-time Striim data pipelines and ingest high-velocity data from on-prem and cloud-hosted databases, log files, and IoT systems into GCP data marts and warehouses.

Data & Analytics Reference Architecture

Indium uses the Google Cloud Architecture Framework to provide guidelines and best practices to assist cloud practitioners in designing and operating a secure, efficient, resilient, high-performing, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure.

data and analytics reference architure

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