Gen AI Advisory Consulting

Next-level thinking, next-level results. Just one-up your strategy!

Gen AI Advisory Consulting

Next-level thinking, next-level results. Just one-up your strategy!

Where challenges meet solutions, we’re your guide in the journey of transformation

Beyond chatbots and code, Gen AI intertwines with data, analytics, quality engineering, and app development. We assess organizational readiness, identify use cases, and seamlessly integrate Gen AI, balancing innovation and investment.

Our expertise goes beyond conceptualization, addressing data intricacies and framework establishment. As your strategic partner, we guide and actively contribute to your transformative journey with Gen AI mastery. Navigate Gen AI complexities with us – unlocking boundless potential for your enterprise.

Where Challenges

Our services


Strategic guidance

We assess your business and pinpoint opportunities where Gen AI can deliver real value, maximizing ROI.

Practical solutions

We identify concrete use cases where Gen AI can be implemented with minimal or manageable investments.

Data expertise

We handle all data-related aspects, ensuring accuracy and optimal model performance.

Model selection & development

We guide you on choosing the right models and, if necessary, develop custom models tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive support

We advise on every aspect crucial to success, from initial planning to implementation and beyond.

Turnkey solutions

We design, build, and execute Gen AI solutions, going beyond mere advisory to deliver tangible results.

Embrace, overcome, excel!

Uncertain value

Quantifying the potential impact of Gen AI on specific business objectives can be a daunting task.

Investment dilemma

Striking the right balance between innovation and investment in Gen AI can be delicate.

Data hurdles

Preparing, managing, and leveraging data effectively is crucial for optimal Gen AI performance.

Model maze

Navigating the vast landscape of pre-trained models and choosing the right ones for specific needs can be overwhelming.

Execution enigma

Implementing Gen AI solutions seamlessly and integrating them with existing systems poses a significant challenge.

The Indium advantage!

What-you-need-is-what-you-get business model

Custom solutions for your business: we analyze, optimize, and deliver.

Ethical AI

Build responsible Gen AI solutions and minimize the risk of harmful content.

Deep domain expertise

50+ prompt engineers and 100+ data scientists with Healthcare, BFSI, and Retail expertise.

Technology expertise

We lead the LLM Landscape with expertise across models - Copilot, LLaMA, Bard, GPT-4, Falcon and more.

Success metrics

16x time faster finance documents processing, and patient summaries generated in an hour are some of our Gen AI outcome highlights.

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