Indium's Digital Assurance Framework (iDAF)

The antidote to unreliable data

Indium's Digital Assurance Framework (iDAF)

The antidote to unreliable data

iDAF - Your northstar to the right decisions!

Reliable data – That’s the modern-day struggle for many businesses drowning in a sea of information. Extracting meaningful insights is an absolute must, yet complex architecture, technology stacks, and hosting woes often leave them gasping for breath.

Meet iDAF – The Data Assurance framework that guarantees 100% accurate data. No more inaccuracies or errors holding you back. With iDAF, you’ll have the data clarity you need to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and unlock the full potential of your business. So, ditch the guesswork and let iDAF guide you to a data-driven future.

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Why every organization needs iDAF!

Worried about messy data holding your business back? iDAF to the rescue!

Data flow assurance

Ensures your data flows smoothly from source to destination, keeping it accurate and reliable.

App & cloud migration hero

Thorough validation for modernization and cloud success.

Analytics mastermind

Prepares your data for advanced analytics, so you can get the most out of it.

Smooth upgrades

iDAF ensures your data stays intact and smooth data migration during upgrades to new infrastructure.

BI whisperer

Guarantees your reports and visualizations are clear, accurate, and optimized for better decision-making.

What makes iDAF special?

Say goodbye to data quality headaches! Catch issues early, avoid production disasters, and unlock valuable insights with iDAF’s open-source big data tools. Make data-driven decisions with confidence.


Comprehensive data coverage

Achieve 100% data coverage and eliminate the limitations of sample-based testing.

Streamlined data assurance

Efficiently manage data assurance across multiple heterogeneous data sets.

Prevent production data quality issues

Identify and resolve data quality issues early.

Enhanced data accuracy

Ensure complete and accurate data with iDAF’s extensive validation capabilities.

Leveraging best-in-class tools

Utilize a suite of open-source big data tools for comprehensive data validation.

Automated data validation

Automate validation between target and source datasets for data quality, completeness, integrity, and consistency.

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