Cloud Assurance Services

Taking flight with confidence

Cloud Assurance Services

Taking flight with confidence

As businesses increasingly flock to the cloud, navigating the complexities of this environment demands confidence in performance, security, and compliance. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions specifically tailored to address cloud-based hurdles, from security assessments to performance optimization.

By proactively monitoring, rigorously testing, and continuously improving, we empower businesses to maximize their cloud investments and minimize risks.

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Functional Testing

Ensure the application’s features work as intended, addressing any multi-tenancy edge cases that may arise

Security Testing

Identify vulnerabilities and safeguard data integrity within the application.

Performance Testing

Ensure scalability factors such as auto-scaling models, response times, SLA, and peak load response time.


Ensure application withstands the processing load from slow memory leakage or any abnormal behavior.


Simulate application behaviors on various network conditions to detect how applications respond.

Compatibility Testing

Test applications across various browsers/OS combinations as applicable.

Business Logic Testing

Verify if the application’s decision-making processes align with real-world business rules and requirements.

Upgrade and DR

Ensure how the changes are assimilated into the applications and how it caters to disaster recovery.


Cover compliance mandates as applicable to the application’s domain. eg, HIPPA, SOX standards

Interoperability Testing

Ensure seamless cloud operation by verifying compatibility and integration across diverse systems.

Data Privacy

Perform data vulnerability, scanning using SQL injection, cross-site scripting, cross-site forgery, session management testing, and database testing.

Our work

What sets us apart?

Extensive expertise

We are a trusted leader with over two decades of digital assurance experience handling complex projects for Fortune 500 companies.

Cloud partners

We are valuable partners of AWS, Azure and GCP with a complete understanding of how your applications perform in different environments.

Testing DNA

With digital assurance DNA and broad testing capabilities, we ensure your applications check all the boxes of different testing scenarios – from functional to compliance.

Save time & cost

With our automation capabilities, we optimize test setup and execution time and help you eliminate 45-50% of your testing costs.

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