Manufacturing - Smart factories and industry 4.0

Go digital with solutions tailored just for you—innovative and perfectly engineered to meet your needs.

Manufacturing - Smart factories and industry 4.0

Go digital with solutions tailored just for you—innovative and perfectly engineered to meet your needs.

The need of the hour in today’s manufacturing landscape is efficiency minus disruptions. Manufacturing being one of the sectors that still uses manpower predominantly, may have inertia to integrating digital engineering in their ecosystem.

At Indium, we believe that bringing in efficiency through digital engineering is not the only solution, doing it without disrupting the existing workflow is the key to maximized adoption.

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Our digital engineering services - driving efficiency without disruptions

Our solutions accelerate digitization and boost operational efficiency.

Manufacturing operating model

We evaluate your digital maturity and performance and create a targeted roadmap with specific objectives to capitalize on emerging industrial trends and accelerate industry 4.0 transformation.

IT/OT convergence

We bridge IT/OT gaps to achieve real-time decision-making, reduce downtime and cost savings, and improve operations automation, compliance, and resource management.

Twin-centric architecture

We develop twin-centric architectures with cloud and AI, enable the transition to autonomous operations, and enhance your current MOM and MES apps to further improve manufacturing.

Data insights

We enable functions like data warehousing, demand forecasting, real-time equipment monitoring, and streamlining operations while also improving customer satisfaction and agile decision-making.

We transform your legacy production lines into smart, high-performing units.

Industrial IoT sensors

We implement industrial IoT sensors to track equipment and process performance, monitor product quality during production processes, detect safety hazards, and enable remote machinery operation.

Predictive analytics

We monitor and prevent equipment failure, identify bottlenecks using statistical methods, and transmit data through sensors and the cloud for efficient maintenance.

Industry 4.0

We deploy advanced automation, robotics, and AI for more efficient and flexible production and connect machines and devices to the internet to enable real-time monitoring and control.

Smart manufacturing

We integrate human expertise with automation and AI for improved productivity and meet your demands with tailored products and services.

Intelligent asset management

We offer proactive maintenance, real-time monitoring, and data-driven insights to optimize asset performance, minimize downtime, and improve operational efficiency.

We build next-gen digital supply chains that are the future epitomes.

Real-time analytics

We help you leverage data analytics to predict your future demand accurately and optimize your production schedules based on real-time data and demand.

Inventory management

Our solutions can accurately track inventory levels, minimize excess stock, and automate restocking processes.

Transportation management

We help optimize logistics and routing for cost-effective and timely deliveries.

Supply chain optimization

We help streamline your supply chain processes and maximize asset utilization. We improve your logistics and inventory management with real-time data.

Supply chain visibility

Our innovative solutions provide real-time visibility into the supply chain for better decision-making. We ensure transparency and traceability in the supply chain and product lifecycle and compliance with regulations.

Our work

Here’s why manufacturing is better off when digitized

We help you transform into a digital-ready, insight-driven enterprise. Ready to dive into a transformation that speaks to your unique story?

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Our Unique approach sets us apart in tackling the most complex manufacturing challenges:

Business-first orientation approach

We understand not just the technology but your business. Our solutions are not a quick fix but long-term, value adding.

Delivery model

Our innovative solutions help you move from a traditional enterprise to a delivery-model-based framework driving high-quality results.

Sustainable, future-ready solutions

We pivot integrated solutions that predict failures, minimize negative environmental impacts, and create a safe workplace.

Manufacturing leader

We're a proven leader in digital manufacturing transformation, working with clients across geographies with over 30 successful projects.

Digital and AI solutions success

A leading provider of transformative digital and AI solutions that help make real-time decisions, shaping the future of industries.

Deep domain expertise

We possess deep expertise across the entire spectrum of digital manufacturing, from IoT sensors to digital twins.

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