The manufacturing segment has constantly been striving to control costs, innovate and provide customers with products they need at the right time. It requires scalable, flexible and reactive model that caters to the individual needs of the consumers. Reducing waste and increasing customer satisfaction have become the two pillars on which manufacturing aims to flourish.

Though production concepts such as Just-in-Time and TQM have already enabled the achievement of these goals to a certain extent, the digital revolution has proved disruptive, introducing not just efficiencies in operations but planning, production, distribution and after-sales service as well.

Indium Software, with its decades of experience in Big Data technology solutions, development,, as well as testing, has helped manufacturing industries achieve their goals by delivering:

Improved customer experience
Enhanced business efficiency
A well-connected, smart enterprise
Enterprise-wide collaboration
Improved decision-support system with advanced analytics
Enabling Internet of Things

Through its enterprise solutions, Indium Software helps manufacturing organizations manage demand fluctuation better; overcome capacity underutilization; handle margin pressures by improving product life cycles; and comply with industry regulations. In the process, they are able to service their customer better, become more cost competitive, be immune to fluctuating commodity prices and unstable global economy, and work with their network of partners and suppliers seamlessly.

It leverages cloud, mobility and API-based development in an agile environment to speed up development and testing to shorten development lifecycle, thus improving time-to-market.

As part of its end-to-end solution capabilities, Indium Software also offers testing services for manufacturing industries. Its smart test platform, uphoriX, enhances the testing process, expedites release cycles and helps reduce time to market. Its ease of use makes it possible for even non-technical professionals to leverage it for a faster QA process without compromising on quality.

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