Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Customer-centric solutions enhanced with AI, technology, and data – with the objective of delivering only what you need.

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Customer-centric solutions enhanced with AI, technology, and data – with the objective of delivering only what you need.

In the wild world of banking and finance, everything’s evolving faster than you can say “digital-first.” With economic twists, strict rules, and customers changing their minds every other minute, the BFSI gang is on a serious tech spree. We’re talking Application Engineering, Data Services, Cloud Magic, and Digital Everything.

Now, the catch? Everyone wants personalized services, real-time money talk, and a superhero-level defense against fraud. Oh, and don’t forget the never-ending privacy regulations. That’s where Indium Software steps in. We’re not just riding the tech wave; we’re the ones setting the pace.

From crunching numbers for Customer Analytics to being the secret sauce behind Regulatory Compliance, we do it all. Our mission? Make sure your operations are smoother than a jazz solo, and your growth game is as sustainable as a bamboo forest.

We’re not just talking the talk; we’re walking the walk, and we’ve got your back in this crazy, ever-changing financial jungle.

Leaders Who Trust Us

C-Suite Dashboard – Insurance Broker Performance

We help insurance leaders unlock the power of their data to gain deep insights into broker network performance. Our data integration & BI visualization solutions empower Insurance sector to:

Unify data from disparate systems

We eliminate data silos by seamlessly integrating information from your policy issuance and agency systems into a centralized data lake.

Build robust data models

Our experts create a structured data model that transforms and prepares your integrated data for efficient analysis & visualization.

Develop interactive C-suite dashboards

Leverage the power of Microsoft Power BI to create user-friendly dashboards with drill-down capabilities for in-depth exploration.

Our digital engineering services - Simplifying your complexities

  • Loan servicing – alternate credit score
  • Open banking- API services
  • Neo banking apps and services
  • Banking mobile app upgradation- QA & UAT
  • RT data mining – Apache Storm + Cloudera
  • Cloud – leveraged Striim for RT data migration
  • Asset management apps
  • Data science for advanced analytics
  • Financial planning applications
  • Investment advisory apps- Chatbots
  • Portfolio management
  • Quantiative advisory services
  • Compliance solutions
  • ESG solutions
  • KYC enablers – Low-code
  • Machine learning for AML
  • Retirement planning solutions
  • Smart & prescriptive financing
  • Blockchain testing
  • IOT for healthcare
  • NLP for unstrctured data
  • Banking mobile app upgradation – QA & UAT

Our work

BFSI: Breaking down the digital Complexity

Solving complex problems through simple logic

Indium's AML Predictor: Predicting the Unpredictable
Technology- driven ESG Practices in Banking to Boost Financial Performance
Through the lens of Indium’s Conversational AI
Indium's Financial Data Extraction From Annual Reports

Know how we do it!

Client-centric planning

Understand your digital maturity, pinpoint your exact problem area, offer you only what you need – not more, not less – we like to keep things simple!

Consulting & integration

Blend business and tech consulting, drive digital transformation, and integrate core banking systems.

Risk management

Assess risks, fortify cybersecurity, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Training & support

Provide employee training, continuous technical support, and feedback loops for improvement.

Scalability & performance

Ensure scalable solutions, stay ahead of industry trends, and monitor performance for long-term adaptability.

Engineering your digital success with our BFSI expertise

Minimizes false positives for accurate money laundering detection.

Enhances risk-adjusted returns through integrated ESG practices.

Expedites query resolution, elevating customer experience.

Proficient in portfolio management, analytics, risk management, and customer data optimization.

Proven track record of success with Fortune 500 clients.

Deep domain expertise with over 50 completed projects.

Hear from our experts on the latest BFSI innovations!

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