Cloud Migration Services

Build cloud-native, modern workplaces. Achieve across-the-board-transformation. 

Cloud Migration Services

Build cloud-native, modern workplaces. Achieve across-the-board-transformation. 

Skyward shift: Elevate your business with cloud migration mastery!

Moving to cloud is the first step in your digital transformation initiative, which empowers you to package all productivity apps, business processes, and workplace tools together to support scaling needs and evolving trends. We transfer your workloads from multiple sources, legacy or obsolete systems, and even other clouds without disrupting your everyday operations.

Our cloud wizards adopt an agile approach, empowered by migration accelerators, so you can focus on what matters – driving innovation. Your migration journey is in expert hands, so you can experience total cloud freedom, on-the-fly migration, unparalleled security, and zero data loss!

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Innovations need cloud—what’s your take?

Choosing the right cloud provider
Lack of cloud migration budgets
Lack of skilled engineers
Legacy system compatibility
Choosing the right migration strategy
Vendor dependency
Inadequate migration testing
Post migration scalability and performance Issues
Regulatory compliance 
Data security and privacy
Data Integrity and governance
Unavailability of downtime window for critical business systems

We set the stage right by addressing all the above challenges, in addition, we also

Detailed pre-discovery of the source environment to be migrated
Well Architected Framework Reviews (WAR) for Optimization of an existing Cloud Environment
Robust migration framework for a seamless migration
Build modern workplaces by bringing all business tools and processes into one place.
Proper planning and strategizing your cloud move with modularity as top-of-mind.
Ensure all dependencies are covered including 3rd party vendors
Digitize everyday activities and empower your employees to spend time on productive tasks.
WAR Assessment
50% lower operational costs
60% improved efficiency
97% less application downtime
45% reduced license costs
60% faster incident resolution time

Here’s our cloud migration framework!

We have adopted a horizontal approach so that we can cater to your cloud migration needs end-to-end, irrespective of where you are in your cloud journey. Whether you need to start from scratch or have a process in place, we can support you throughout your migration life cycle. 

This is what makes us different!

Cloud accelerators

Cloud readiness assessment and cost optimization accelerators are built in-house to accelerate your cloud adoption.

Top-tier cloud partners

We are trusted partners of Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure for over 10 years.

Certified cloud engineers

150+ certified cloud engineers ensure a smooth transition and provide continuous support throughout your cloud migration journey.

Cost savings

Experience infrastructure cost savings of up to 31% and optimize resource utilization by leveraging our cloud services.

One stop shop

Achieve a 99.99% uptime, dynamic scalability and mitigate 43% of security incidents with our cloud best practices and security measures.

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