Devops Services

DevOps has enabled the development of fail-proof software within a short time in a collaborative environment to take advantage of cross-functional skills and accelerate development, deployment and test cycle times.

Indium’s DevOps Framework ‘enables end-to-end app development and management with efficient software delivery models, accelerated service delivery, faster Innovation and effective risk management.

We allow companies to design and implement a DevOps model that brings together development and operations’ teams and speeds up the process of application delivery through automation.

Adopting DevOps practices brings in quantifiable results which can improve productivity. It also brings different benefits to different stakeholders within the organization including the development team, IT operations staff, and business owners.


Quicker Software Development Cycles

Improved Interoperability among Teams

Better Application Lifecycle Management

Better Software Quality

Increased productivity

Improved customer experience

Indium's Devops Solutions

Indium provides DevOps solutions that produce software/applications with DevOps methodologies faster.

Our DevOps solution Configuration system provides code management, platform automation that gives your client a ready-to-use server.

Automated & instant configuration

Single tool manages all environment

Activity report management

Improved code quality

To identify any issues in the early stage, CI is an industry standard. For high-level cross-team collaboration, our CI experts use continuous integration tools in DevOps like Jenkins, Bitbucket, Github, Junit and Maven to save time.

Better Time Management

Instant Feedback

Early Problem Detection

Productive Software Development

No last-minute issues

The CD is an engineering approach that safely and efficiently releases software updates. For any accurate adjustments, reduce your deployment risks with our CD experts with an instant deployment process.

Enhanced quality of product

Reduced Bugs and Incidents

Enhance new-release time frame

Increase Adaptability

Our Continuous Monitoring Solution, as a DevOps services business, seamlessly streamlines every mission critical application deployed within Docker, Kubernetes, etc,.

24/7 monitoring

Schedules maintenance

Monitors network traffic

Fixes Bugs automatically

In a continuous testing phase, ‘Testing Early & Testing Often’ is the main approach we adopt. Tools such as Selenium, Apache JMeter and BlazeMeter allow us to check the continuous delivery quality at every step of the way.

Continuous Feedback leverages a ready-to-market software

Asses the exact business risk coverage

Server virtualization facilitates a ubiquitous testing environment

Creating agile & reliable process in hours not months

Our DevOps approach allows high quality software products and services to be produced & deployed. Providing better resource management & management strategies for DevOps with re-using options & implementation at low cost.

Instant scaling up of servers

No mismatch of server state

Real time deployments

Improved consistency

Support DevOps process and tools for all major cloud players

Work with hybrid DevOps tool sets (Cloud Native + Independent tools)

Change the way your team operates by bridging the gap through our robust DevOps infrastructure management between growth and operational services. For better communication & coordination between teams, introduce DevOps.

Tools & Technologies

Why Indium

Being an expert in the software industry for a decade, we can be your best DevOps service provider.

Some of the reasons why you should partner with us,

Building Alliance

Partnership with organisations to help them transit into the introduction of a more agile and lean DevOps environment ideal for their company.


We design and deploy a DevOps workflow after reviewing the production and distribution processes in place, which allows the company to rapidly optimise the goods.


After monitoring and reviewing the workflow, we strengthen and develop the DevOps system and how the team reacts to the new ecosystem in place.

Accelerated Testing

DevOps ready test automation framework to reduce test cycle time.


As the market, framework, and specifications change over time, we provide ongoing support to help the team adapt to the new workflow and update the DevOps model.

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