App and Data Modernization

Bridging today and tomorrow. Where legacy meets agility

App and Data Modernization

Bridging today and tomorrow. Where legacy meets agility

The choice is yours.

Embarking on the transformative journey of modernizing legacy platforms and applications is akin to navigating the dynamic landscapes of two cities: the city of tradition and the city of innovation.

At the intersection of time-honored legacy systems and cutting-edge technologies, lies the key to unlocking unprecedented growth and innovation.

In our three-decade legacy of engineering excellence at Indium, we understand that the tale of two cities demands a delicate balance – one that blends the wisdom of the past with the promise of the future. With a commitment to seamless modernization, we usher your organization into an era of heightened agility, accelerated market entry, and fortified security.

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Our services

Platform engineering

Uncover the hidden secrets of your legacy apps with AI-powered analysis.

Legacy application migration

Move your apps to the cloud or modern platforms with minimal disruption.

Legacy application replacement & decommissioning

Let go of the baggage and say goodbye to outdated systems.

In-place modernization

Breathe new life into your existing apps with targeted upgrades.

CI/CD retrofitting

Automate your software delivery pipeline for faster, more reliable deployments.

API enablement

Connect your apps and data, breaking down silos and fostering collaboration.

Transformation roadmap development

Chart your course to modernization with a clear, actionable plan.

Architecture design

Build a future-proof foundation for your IT landscape.

Agile development

Embrace the power of agile to deliver value faster and adapt to change.

Modernization strategy, CoE & Governance

Establish best practices and ensure successful modernization across your organization.

Business continuity planning

Stay up and running even during the transition.

Our work

The walls of fogtown and the keys of modernization

Monolithic monstrosities

Your applications, built for a different era, are now cumbersome and inflexible. Scaling is an uphill battle, innovation a slow crawl.

Data in the dungeons

Siloed, outdated, and unrefined, your data offers little in the way of insights or competitive advantage.

The talent drain

Attracting and retaining developers skilled in legacy technologies is a constant struggle.

BI and analytics implementation

Deploy advanced BI and analytics solutions for operational excellence.

Microservice marvels

We break down your monoliths into nimble, independent services, each easily scaled and updated. Agility becomes your new middle name.

Data unleashed

We liberate your data from its silos, cleansing, unifying, and enriching it. AI and ML become your secret weapons, driving intelligent decisions and personalized experiences.

The talent magnet

We attract and nurture a team of cloud-native wizards, fluent in the languages of modernization.

What sets us apart?

Industry recognition

Major contender in Everest Group's PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023 for 'Data & Analytics' and 'Quality Engineering'

Proven track record

Enterprise success stories across industries, businesses transformed through app and data modernization.

Hyper-scaler partnerships

We speak the language of AWS, Azure, GCP and more - unlocking the full potential of each platform.

Agile way

We embrace the agile way, working in close collaboration with you to deliver value iteratively and adapt to changing priorities.

Focus on business value

Every step we take is guided by your goals, ensuring your modernization journey delivers tangible ROI.

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