Databricks + ibriX

Databricks + ibriX: Enhance your unified data analytics platform to an end-to-end data & AI platform

Databricks + ibriX

Databricks + ibriX: Enhance your unified data analytics platform to an end-to-end data & AI platform

ibriX - Databricks implementation accelerator you never knew you needed!

So, you know how Databricks is fantastic for analytics and AI, right? Well, toss in ibriX, and you’re taking it up a notch. Databricks gives you that unified platform, and ibriX steps in with its data integration and management mojo, creating this seamless data journey.

ibriX is a prebuilt solution that lets you handle everything from data crunching to AI model magic, all in one place. Your data stays safe and compliant with ibriX’s governance and security swagger. Are you ready to level up to an End-to-End Data & AI Platform?

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Do everything in one place with ibriX

Trigger when this happens…
  • Drowning in data silos? 
  • Struggling to scale your AI & ML initiatives? 
  • Cloud costs spiraling out of control? 
  • Worried about data security and compliance? 
  • Tired of managing complex data pipelines? 
Action how ibriX helps...
  • Unlock the power of your data with 100+ AI & ML use case blueprints tailored to your industry. 
  • Command your cloud costs with Databricks cloud automation and optimization.
  • Supercharge your data capabilities (ETL, migration frameworks, and more) with pre-built libraries and frameworks.
  • Achieve operational excellence with DataOps and MLOps solutions that streamline your data journey.
  • Ensure data security with dynamic data masking that complies with regulations.

ibriX is your one-stop shop for all things Databricks. We have the expertise and tools to help you get the most out of your data, from start to finish. 

What you get with ibriX

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What sets us apart?

Slash costs by 40% while unlocking a 75% increase in productivity, maximizing the value you derive from your data operations.

Harness total control over your infrastructure and security programmatically, ensuring a customized approach that aligns precisely with your unique data needs.

Streamline your workflow effortlessly with Cron and Jenkins CI/CD schedulers, guaranteeing timely and efficient batch job scheduling tailored to your data requirements.

Experience a significant reduction in manual tasks within Databricks, streamlining your data processes. With ibriX, your team can dedicate more time to impactful, high-value tasks, driving success in your data-driven endeavors.

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