Data streaming, processing, and integration services

History repeats, but real-time data creates a new narrative every second.

Data streaming, processing, and integration services

History repeats, but real-time data creates a new narrative every second.

Organizations face increasing amounts of real-time data as the world goes hyper-digital. This data is spread across multiple data sources and formats – Our goal is to let you know what’s happening in your business right now. We can leverage real-time data captured from sales transactions, website visitors, sensors, or social media to help you enhance customer experiences, build innovative products, and optimize internal operations. Our partnership with Striim bridges the gap, offering low-latency data processing, storage, and integration, empowering you to capitalize on real-time insights, optimize operations, unlock new opportunities, and lighten your operational load.

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Our services


Data cleansing

We sort and filter raw data to remove inaccuracies, duplicates, or ambiguities.

Data processing

Employ machine learning and artificial intelligence to translate raw data into desirable output.

Data integration

Implement a data pipeline to ingest, filter, transform, enrich, and store data in a target database.

Data storage

Store data and metadata for further use. And quickly access and retrieve information whenever needed

Data streaming

Transmit and display data in a user-readable form like tables, graphs, documents, vector files, audio, or video.

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Not sure how it’s a different ballgame for you?

Withdrawing money from ATMs and ride-sharing apps are classic examples of real-time data. Data’s shelf life is shrinking. The most up-to-date data always contains the most valuable insights. For example, if you can’t get insights into sales until you analyze a week’s or month’s performance, you have already lost sales, isn’t it?

We provide you with that decisive edge and help achieve

Why should you choose us for your real-time data needs?

Valued Striim partner

Our expertise spans end-to-end implementation and training, ensuring a seamless transition.

End-to-end data services

We provide the complete package of data solutions ranging from data strategy through data engineering to data analytics.

Continuous intelligence

We help your business achieve continuous intelligence by applying smart AI and ML algorithms to real-time data sets.

Technology expertise

150+ data mavens with real hands-on experience handling Striim, Azure stream analytics, Apache Storm, Amazon Kinesis, Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, and more.

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