Cloud Engineering Services

E = mc²: We multiply the expertise of cloud engineers (m) with the power of cloud technology (c²) to propel your business to new heights. 

Cloud Engineering Services

E = mc²: We multiply the expertise of cloud engineers (m) with the power of cloud technology (c²) to propel your business to new heights. 

Let's rewrite your business equation!

Just like Einstein’s iconic equation E=mc², where energy (cloud technology) and mass (your business potential) combine to unleash exponential growth, our Cloud Engineering Services are your rocket fuel to escape the gravity of outdated infrastructure.

We’re your bridge to the cloud, crafting a reliable, agile, and secure foundation. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from migration and modernization to ongoing management and optimization, ensuring your business reaches cloud 9.

Cloud Engineering Intro

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Our services

Assessment & Advisory

Analyze your current infrastructure and identify cloud optimization opportunities.

Cloud Cost Optimizer

Optimize costs and resource utilization with strategic planning and infrastructure sizing.

Cloud Migration

Migrate seamlessly from on-premise or between cloud providers with minimal disruption.

24/7 System Reliability Engineering

Ensure continuous uptime and performance.

Cloud Operations & Shared Services

Manage your cloud infrastructure efficiently and cost-effectively.

Cloud Provisioning

Deploy new infrastructure quickly and easily.

Cloud modernization

Rapid application development using cloud-native services cost-effective serverless solutions.

CI/CD Pipeline Automation

Accelerate software delivery and reduce errors.

DevOps Assessment & Implementation

Streamline your development process and improve collaboration.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Manage your infrastructure consistently and efficiently.


Build and deploy scalable, portable applications.


Vulnerability assessment & scanning on code, binaries, and container images for Security threats and execute remediation plan.

DevOps Shared Services

Leverage our expertise to improve your DevOps practices.

Secure Architecture Design & WAF Reviews

Build security into your cloud infrastructure from the ground up.

Security Services Implementation

Protect your data and applications with best-in-class security solutions.

Security Monitoring, Alerting, Remediations & Support

Identify and respond to security threats quickly and effectively.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Ensure business continuity with robust backup and recovery strategies.

Our work

Ready for lift - off?

What Sets Us Apart:
Our cloud expertise that multiplies your success

20+ years, 150+ transformations, 70+ PB secured

Unmatched experience for your peace of mind.

80+ cloud-native apps

Innovation that scales seamlessly with your growth.

ESG champions

We optimize for efficiency, leverage renewables, and empower sustainable solutions.

Cloud-agnostic partners

We collaborate with giants like AWS, GCP, and Azure to find your perfect fit.

Tailored (cloud) solutions

Private, hybrid, or public - we design the ideal cloud for your unique needs.

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