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Strategic excellence in the cloud: Charting success together with AWS.


Strategic excellence in the cloud: Charting success together with AWS

Data bottlenecks? Break free with Indium and AWS.

Are you struggling with data bottlenecks across different systems and holding back your business insights? We are here to help with our esteemed partnership with AWS. Together, we create a unified data lake, bringing all your information together seamlessly. Our expertise in AWS migration and optimization ensures a crystal-clear data picture, enabling faster decisions and innovation. Experience the power of a unified cloud leaving your competitors behind.

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Understanding data can be tough, but we’ve got your back. With our experience in both commercial and open-source tools, we help you choose the right path.

Using Amazon Bedrock, we offer faster experimentation, enabling customers to easily experiment with and evaluate top Gen AI foundation models for their use cases in a shorter time. Combining our NLP experience and document-related expertise such as OCR, data extraction, and document classification, we can add value to the algorithm layer on top of these results.

Expertise across multiple models – LLAMA2, Mistral, GPT, and Azure OpenAPIs.

Amazon Bedrock supports fine-tuning and continued pre-training, allowing customers to adapt models to specific tasks and domains with their own data. We understand the AWS landscape and can build production-ready applications. With Amazon Bedrock, we securely integrate and deploy generative AI capabilities into applications using AWS services without managing any infrastructure.

Does your product feel outdated? Our Product Modernization Services are like a transformation for your software. We’ll analyze, upgrade, and transform it.

Moving databases sounds complicated, but not for us. Our experts handle every detail, making it smooth, consistent, and hassle-free for your business.

Ever wished your deployment process was smooth and adaptable? let us handle it with AWS Suite. Your CI/CD pipeline becomes automated and flexible, fitting your needs like a well-made suit.

Are you struggling with managing ML workflows and finding it a slow task? We can assist you with the right solutions to bring DevOps speed to your doorstep, automating over 90% of those intricate MLOps steps.

Feeling stuck in low gear? Upgrade your smart factory with our boost! We combine Mendix and AWS to automate tasks, empower everyone with data, and accelerate innovation into the fast lane.

Navigating cloud excellence with Indium & AWS

We’re not just partners; we’re advanced-tier allies, ensuring unparalleled support.

With 50 AWS certifications, our expertise becomes your competitive edge.

Enhance your database game with our Relational Database Service (RDS) excellence.

Experience cloud optimization at its finest with our CloudFront solutions.

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