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The speed of digital transformation depends on the capabilities of the
underlying cloud platform and the ability to maximize its services

A full-spectrum integrator like Indium can not only help accelerate digital transformation on AWS but also transform ideas to business value faster

When organizations strive to shape interactions across the entire customer journey through digital-first business models, a comprehensive cloud transformation strategy and choice of cloud platform aligned to its business are key factors for success.

AWS, with its complete set of pre-fabricated toolsets helps break down innovation barriers, turns the organization more agile, collaborative and customer focused.

What organizations need is an AWS consulting partner with a track record of aligning business strategic imperatives with cloud platform capabilities.

Only 14 percent of companies launching digital transformations have seen sustained and material performance improvements

– McKinsey Digital

AWS Offerings

Regardless of where you are in your digital journey, Indium helps you to migrate/modernize
your applications and data on the cloud, make sense of the data and
leverage automation to scale and innovate in a secured, reliable and compliant fashion.

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Why Indium

With AWS capabilities across consulting, system integration and industry solutions, Indium enables clients to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

Accelerating Application Modernization with AWS

Covid has accelerated the need for digital transformation and the need for agility, resilience, flexibility, and adaptability. And organizations that ride on rigid, monolithic legacy systems and applications are finding themselves unable to adapt to unforeseen market conditions.

While all cloud vendors provide a plethora of tools and resources for facilitating app, AWS cloud services make it extremely easy to modernize applications. Read this blog to know some of the services and how they can help in this process.

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