Test Automation Services

Precision in every line of code!

Test Automation Services

Precision in every line of code!

Your partner in Test Automation mastery

Ever wondered how enterprises navigate the tightrope between innovation and efficiency in the realm of software development? The answer lies in the relentless pursuit of flawless applications at the speed of business evolution. The burning question: Can manual testing keep up? The resounding solution: Indium’s Smart Test Automation Services – crafted to not just meet but exceed the demands of this high-stakes balancing act.

As the digital clock ticks faster, the need for precision accelerates, and we stand as the architects of an automated future where success is not just achieved; it’s accelerated.

Test Automation Intro

Our services

We’re not just robots pushing buttons. Our approach is like a well-choreographed dance between technology and expertise.


Automated Regression Testing

Keep your software rock-solid with automated tests that run like clockwork.

Functional Test Automation

Cover every corner of your software with comprehensive UI, regression, and end-to-end testing.

Performance Testing Automation

Unleash the full potential of your software with load testing and bottleneck identification.

CI/CD Integration

Seamlessly integrate your testing into your development pipeline for continuous quality.

Mobile Test Automation

Ensure your mobile apps run like greased lightning on any device.

API Test Automation

Guarantee your APIs are always humming with automated test cases.

Big Data Test Automation

Tame the beast of big data with comprehensive testing solutions.

Our work

Why us? Because we're not just fast, we're smarter with uphoriX

Analyze your software

We'll get under the hood and understand your testing challenges.

Craft a custom strategy

No cookie-cutter solutions here. We'll build a plan that fits your goals like a glove.

Design and develop tests

Our team of test automation ninjas will create tests that cover every inch of your software.

Implement uphoriX

We'll seamlessly integrate uphoriX into your existing workflow.

Provide on-going support

We're always on the road with you, ensuring your testing stays smooth and efficient.

Deliver results, not just reports

We don't just give you numbers, we give you actionable insights to improve your software.

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