IoT and Edge Analytics Services

Unlock new revenue streams now!

IoT and Edge Analytics Services

Unlock new revenue streams now!

Be the edge—not on it

Feeling like your industrial processes are stuck in the slow lane? You’re not alone. Companies everywhere are struggling to harness the power of the IoT revolution, choked by mountains of sensor data and lagging analytics. But what if there was a way to break free? We’re your way out – real-time insights, predictive maintenance, and optimized production – all powered by lightning-fast analytics on your terms. Stop being just another data point – Be the edge.

IoT and Edge Analytics Intro

Our services

Data ingestion

We’ll build you a data superhighway, efficiently funneling your IoT info into the right platform – whether it’s a data fortress or a data lake. Think of it as the on-ramp to your insights empire.

Streaming & refresh

Forget stale data! We’ll keep your insights sparkling fresh with real-time or near-real-time data streams. No waiting for tomorrow’s insights to solve today’s problems.

Data processing

Raw data is like rough ore – full of potential, but needs refinement. We’ll cleanse, transform, and aggregate your data into pure, analytical gold.

Model building

Our data scientists are alchemists of the digital age, crafting machine learning models that extract hidden gems from your data. Prepare for actionable insights that light your way forward.

Visualization & consumption

We’ll turn your data into visual masterpieces – dashboards, reports, and applications that tell your data story in stunning clarity. No more squinting at spreadsheets – make informed decisions with a single glance.

Edge computing

Forget the cloud-only crowd. We’ll bring the power of edge computing to your doorstep. Imagine faster insights, lower latency, and performance that dances on the edge.

We empower you to blaze your own data path, not hold your hand.

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    IoT readiness check

    We ensure you’ve got the infrastructure and mindset to rock the IoT world. No more starting a marathon in flip-flops – we’ll get you race-ready.

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    Data detox

    Your data is your fuel, and dirty fuel leads to sputtering engines. We’ll cleanse and refine your data, making it pure and potent for analysis.

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    Insights engine

    Our data wizards will weave your data into actionable insights, using modeling, stats, and even machine learning. Prepare to be amazed by what your data can tell you!

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    Ad-hoc adventures

    Got a burning question? We’ll whip up custom reports on the fly, letting you explore your data like an open-world game.

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    Alert alarm

    Sleep tight knowing your KPIs are on guard. We’ll set up real-time alerts that scream when something’s off, so you can respond before the fire spreads.

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    Standard checkpoints

    Need a regular dose of data goodness? We’ve got your back with pre-built reports and dashboards that keep your finger on the pulse of your IoT journey.

What sets us apart?

Edge expertise

Our team of 100+ experts are masters of IoT technologies and edge computing, ready to tackle your specific challenges.

End-to-end solutions

We don't just analyze data – we design, build, and manage your entire edge ecosystem. Devices, platforms, connectivity, tools – we've got you covered.

Scale like a pro

Our solutions adapt and grow with you. There are no data bottlenecks or legacy lock-ins – just seamless expansion as your needs evolve.

Integration harmony

Indium plays nice with everyone. Cloud services, legacy systems, and third-party apps – we integrate seamlessly, leveraging your existing investments.

Industry powerhouse

We're not alone. Strategic partnerships with industry leaders ensure you get the best-in-class solutions backed by a collaborative ecosystem.

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