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Transform your business teams from thinkers to makers by enabling them to ‘Innovate, Experiment and Deliver’ enterprise-grade apps faster with Mendix low-code platform.

A low-code platform that lies at the heart of abstraction, automation and intelligence.

Mendix provides a low-code platform that can easily bring new ideas to life to facilitate business growth.

The Mendix platform provides an intuitive interface, process automation and AI based recommendations that can simplify application development at a fraction of time and cost.

Indium with its rich Mendix capabilities honed over 5 years of experience can help make this powerful low-code technology work for your business, so that you can keep innovating for your customers.

Mendix development services

Mendix Services

Indium provides a comprehensive set of Mendix services powered by over 5 years of development expertise and
experience across varied industries


Mendix Architecture and Design

Setup a robust architectural foundation to empower businessRead More »

Mendix App Development

Handpicked experts to assist in web, UI/UX, mobile (hybrid & native) developmentRead More »

Mendix QA

Mendix test suite & Shift-up QA model for end-to-end testingRead More »

Mendix Reseller Partner

Partner with the best in low-code services for your licensing needs

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IndiuMX Widgets

Enhance your low code platform with our custom widgets to improve the user experience, enhance collaboration, simplify development, and improve scalability.


IndiuMX Grouping Autocomplete

Supercharge your search and input experience with the IndiuMX Grouping Autocomplete, With both multiselect autocomplete functionality and option groupings, you’ll enjoy a feature-rich dropdown.Download Now »

IndiuMX – BPMN 2.0 Web Viewer

Get ahead of the game and upgrade your Mendix applications with BPMN 2.0 Web Viewer for seamless integration, tailored to your needs.Download Now »

IndiuMX – Google Connector

Connect seamlessly to Google Service APIs. IndiuMX Google Connector provides authorization tokens that help to authorize and use google services by using server-to-server communication.Download Now »

IndiuMX Timer

Timer widget with OnChange event for creating smarter low codes. OnChange event for Start, Stop and Restart operations.Download Now »

IndiuMX Datepicker

Improve the utility of your Mendix Date functionality (enable/disable select days) and create smarter low codes.Download Now »

Indium, along with Mendix, reengineered and digitalized the complete workflow using the  low-code platform for a hospitality and food industry firm, Foodprint group, to fight waste and climate change.

Why Indium

A history of contribution to Mendix Marketplace

Community building starts with contribution. And contribution necessitates expertise.  Indium’s experts regularly contribute to Mendix marketplace growth by creating a rich portfolio of apps and are also featured in the Top 10 of the Global Mendix Leaderboard.

Mendix Market

Hire Our Rapid Developers & Advanced Mendix Certified Developers on Project Basis

Looking for a team of experienced Mendix certified developers to bring your digital projects to the next level? Look no further! Our rapid developers are experts in Mendix and can provide advanced solutions on a project basis.

Hire our team for cutting-edge technology, quick delivery, and efficient, cost-effective solutions that will elevate your business.

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Manikandan Ramalingam

Sr. Vice President- Low Code Practice


Ashwin Kumar Srinivasan

VP – Low Code Practice

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