Mendix Partner Services

Build fast, automate smart, and delight customers.

Mendix Partner Services

Build fast, automate smart, and delight customers.

We are a strategic partner of Mendix, a leading low-code application development platform. We assist our clients in harnessing the fullest potential of the Mendix ecosystem to expedite their application development process and modernize how they do business. We bring over eight years of experience as a top-tier Mendix partner, providing innovative solutions to clients across industries and helping them take their products to market faster.

Our services

IndiuMX Widgets

Use our custom widgets to improve scalability, collaboration, user experience, and development process on your low code platform.

IndiuMX Grouping Autocomplete

With option grouping and multi-select autocomplete functionality, the IndiuMX Grouping Autocomplete enhances your search and input experience and provides a feature-rich dropdown menu

IndiuMX – BPMN 2.0 Web Viewer

Upgrade your Mendix apps now with BPMN 2.0 Web Viewer to take advantage of seamless, customized integration.

IndiuMX – Google Connector

IndiuMX Google Connector provides authorization tokens that help authorize and use Google services using server-to-server communication.

IndiuMX Timer

Use the Timer widget with the OnChange event for more intelligent low codes. To start, stop, and restart operations, use the OnChange event.

IndiuMX Datepicker

Improve the usability of your Mendix Date functionality (enable/disable select days) and create smarter low codes.

Our work

Fast-track innovation and reduce time-to-market with Mendix


We help take your products to market faster with pre-built widgets and templates and reduce software development costs by up to 70%.
We create seamless user journeys across all touchpoints, automating processes and boosting customer satisfaction to new heights.
We’ve built secure, scalable enterprise software across industries for over a decade. By leveraging major cloud hyperscalers, we power digital transformations.
We build and modernize apps and seamlessly replace your legacy solutions by bringing your core systems up to date for a more agile and efficient enterprise.

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