Data Annotation and Labeling Solutions

Supercharge your AI with 98% accurate data annotation and labeling across images, text, audio, and more.

Data Annotation and Labeling Solutions

Supercharge your AI with 98% accurate data annotation and labeling across images, text, audio, and more.

Stuck in a data rut?
We’re here to change that!

Data is at the heart of innovation, but it needs a little refining to work its wonders. That’s where Indium’s data annotation and labeling solutions bring a powerful combination of its deep-rooted Data & AI expertise. We have the expertise and the tools to tackle any data challenge you throw our way. Whether you need image classification, complex 3D point cloud annotation, or anything else, we’ve got you covered.

Worried about accuracy or budget? Don’t sweat it! We deliver superior data quality (think 98%!), cost-effective solutions, and the agility to scale up your projects in a flash.

Why Indium’s data annotation and labeling solutions?
We don’t just label data; We empower your AI

We’re your one-stop shop for unlocking the true power of your data and fueling your AI revolution. Here’s what sets us apart:

Unmatched expertise & proven track record

Pioneering solutions with unmatched, tried, and tested data labeling operations.

Data labeling across the spectrum

Comprehensive suite of over 20 data annotation services, encompassing everything from image/video classification to complex 3D point cloud annotation.

Industry-specific knowledge

Our expertise extends far beyond generic labeling. We have tailored solutions for industries like retail, healthcare, autonomous vehicles, BFSI, and more, with over 1 billion labeled datasets under our belt.

Quality you can trust

 We set the bar high for data accuracy, achieving a staggering 98% quality benchmark. You can rest assured that your AI models are built on reliable, trustworthy data.

Cost-effective solutions with exceptional value

We deliver high-quality data labeling without breaking the bank. You get exceptional value without compromising on results.

Scalability & agility

Our team can rapidly adapt to new tasks and data types, ensuring your projects stay on track and scale seamlessly as your needs evolve.

Services we offer

At Indium, we’re your one-stop shop for all things data labeling. Here’s a glimpse into what we can do for you:

State-of-the-art platforms

We leverage custom-built platforms & tools to streamline your workflow and boost data labeling precision. Real-time analytics and quality management features keep everything on track.

Full-spectrum operational support

We handle every step of the data labeling process, from data ingestion and prep to final quality checks and export. Our seamless blend of technology and expert oversight guarantees a smooth experience.

Global knowledge work marketplace

We connect you with a global pool of talented data annotators, ensuring high-quality and efficient services for any project.

Let’s talk specifics:

  • Instance segmentation: We meticulously label individual objects within an image.
  • 3D object detection: Our experts can create precise 3D bounding boxes around your objects of interest.
  • Image classification: Need to categorize images? We can assign the perfect label to each one.
  • Object detection: We pinpoint objects within images and define them with bounding boxes.
  • Semantic segmentation: We expertly label entire regions within an image based on object classification.
  • 3D LIDAR annotation: Our team precisely tags X, Y, and Z coordinates for your LIDAR models.
  • Document extraction: We train models to identify specific sections within documents, like tables or key pages
  • Entity detection & IOB tagging: We identify and classify specific entities within text using industry-standard tools.
  • Keyphrase detection: Our experts highlight key phrases within your text data.
  • Text classification: We categorize documents and articles into predefined classes.
  • Abstractive text summarization: Need concise summaries? We can train models to paraphrase your text data.
  • Document redaction: We utilize entity detection to effectively redact sensitive information within documents.
  • Data collection: We can help you set up efficient data collection processes and infrastructure.
  • Data cleansing: Our team ensures your data is clean and ready for analysis through quality checks, validation, and transformation.
  • Data visualization: We create interactive dashboards and reports to help you monitor key metrics and make informed decisions.
  • Voice to text: We transcribe audio samples to train your Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) models.
  • Voice classification: Our experts categorize audio clips into specific classes.

Data labeling solutions across industries

We cater to a wide range of industries, and here are just a few examples of how our expertise can transform your business:

Enhance fraud detection, streamline loan applications, and personalize financial products with the power of data labeling. Our experts can annotate financial documents for faster processing, identify suspicious activity for fraud prevention, and classify customer data to deliver targeted financial products and services.

Imagine supercharged inventory management, exceptional customer support, and personalized shopping experiences – all powered by precisely labeled data. We can help you achieve this by labeling product images for accurate categorization, sentiment analysis from customer reviews for better service, and even data tagging for object recognition to streamline in-store navigation.

Revolutionize medical diagnostics, patient care, and telehealth services with meticulously labeled healthcare data. We can annotate medical images for accurate diagnoses, classify patient records for faster treatment, and even transcribe audio recordings to improve communication and documentation.

Build the future with precision data labeling to develop perception models, natural language processing algorithms, and more. We can label LiDAR data for accurate object detection in self-driving cars, annotate text data to train chatbots for improved customer service interactions and label images for various robotics and machine learning applications.

Were more than just a data labeling service – were your partner in success. Let Indium’s data annotation and labeling solutions transform your raw data into actionable insights and empower your AI to reach its full potential. 

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