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With the right software product engineering services, Indium helps you create attractive products that capture and sustain interest in a competitive marketplace. At Indium, we have a track record of developing products that are competitive, cost-effective and profitable. We have been helping businesses of all sizes– ISVs, product start-ups, and large enterprises—become more agile, foray into new markets, and slash down costs.

We can help you quickly upgrade your portfolio by integrating new age technologies using our proven product engineering solutions and frameworks. By helping you build custom digital products faster, we empower you to tackle business challenges, enable growth and gain a competitive edge.

Indium’s Product Engineering Development Services

Product Modernization/Augmentation

We offer an end-to-end service that includes product gap analysis, product roadmap creation, release management, and addition of new environment upgrades. We begin with analyzing and creating a product roadmap to fit your business’ unique requirements and help ISVs enhance their existing products to meet growing market needs.

Product Testing

Indium provides testing services across the entire product lifecycle with scalable, cost-effective and comprehensive back-end services. We enable production of high-end products in an agile manner with automated and continuous testing services. We also offer cross-disciplinary testing of subsystems through virtual prototyping by using your digital twin before building your final product. This practice has helped us dramatically cut down on software lead time.

Digital Transformation Services

Our DevOps approach gives you access to new age, agile process adoptions, allowing for higher ROI, and the ability to deliver applications and services at a much higher velocity and speed than traditional software development. Since development and operations teams are no longer “siloed” under this model, organizations can better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.

Product Maintenance and Operations

We offer end-to-end software product maintenance services throughout the software product development lifecycle so that your product engineering solutions remain efficient and perform seamlessly. We focus on creating a transformative customer story to improve your overall product experience, fostering a conducive environment for increased customer and retention.

SaaS App Development Services

We have experience and expertise in creating SaaS tools for performance optimization, software integration, and other relevant services. You can construct, launch, or scale a cutting-edge SaaS solution using our comprehensive custom SaaS apps development services. We contribute real-world expertise, architectural patterns, and best practices to ensure the success of your cloud effort.

Custom Product Development Services

Our product engineers are experts in developing custom software products that match the unique requirements of our diverse clients. Leverage our full-stack product development services from product designing to product strategy, product implementation and deployment, product maintenance with after-sales support.

Mobile Product Development

All enterprise and consumer-facing mobile products are built on our proprietary, time-tested wireframes that have been tailored to meet evolving market demands. Platform switching with a smooth user experience and connectivity across devices helps improve business results.

App Development Services

We provide various app development services, such as app consulting, design and development, and app modernization.To decrease the time-to-market, we prioritize features, concentrating on the most important ones first. We release a minimum viable product (MVP) within a few months, and continue to improve it iteratively.

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Product Engineering FAQ’s

With the rise of Web 2.0 and utility-based software delivery through Software as a Service (SaaS), software engineering services have slowly moved from traditional software engineering to a more flexible cloud-native architecture. Product engineering takes charge of the whole product life cycle, from coming up with an idea to putting it into action and testing how well it works for users. It encompasses product conception, architecture, design, testing, migration & porting, technical support, and professional services.

As clients continue to depend on cutting-edge features and functionalities with rapid turnaround times, businesses urge product manufacturers to improve quality and cost savings. This has prompted vendors to create a brand-new engineering service devoted to placing items on the market more quickly.

Product engineering service is an engineering consulting activity that employs diverse hardware, embedded software, and IT service solutions in the design and development of products.

We offer a range of app development services, including app consulting, design and development, and app modernization. Depending on the scope and tech stack, mobile app development takes 3 to 10 months (+ 2-4 months for a complementing web app). To reduce the time-to-market, we prioritize features, focusing on the core ones first. We roll out an MVP app in just 2-3 months and continue enhancing it iteratively.

Some advantages of software product engineering services for businesses are as follows:

  • Clients can concentrate on their core capabilities
  • Cost-effectively gain a competitive edge by applying expertise in a new technology domain
  • Increase adaptability and responsiveness to real-time client demands
  • Develop the product with sustainability and scalability as essential features
  • Rapid introduction of the product to the market

Product engineering is one of the most fun, challenging, and rewarding jobs, and there are many chances to learn and grow quickly in this field. A product engineer comes up with new product ideas, works on them, and manages them for businesses and independent inventors. To make a product effective in the marketplace, the product engineer must be conversant with all phases of the product development cycle and the most recent technologies, integrating technical knowledge, human aspects, and creativity. He or she must choose materials, prototype types, tooling, and production procedures that are cost-effective and adhere to the product’s specifications. This person should also be able to draw and make 3D models that can be used for tooling, prototyping, patenting, marketing, and making the product. As required, certain engineers also assist with branding, packaging, and testing.

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