Top 10 Hacks to Mitigate technical debt in Low Code Application development


In the realm of software development, technical debt has emerged as a critical consideration in low-code applications. Technical debt is the trade-off between the convenience of swift and easy solutions and the potential complexities they introduce in the long run. Addressing technical debt effectively can be a game-changer in reducing costs and enhancing the overall success of projects.

We have created a cheat sheet which will provide invaluable insights into controlling technical debt within low-code environments. By implementing these practices, developers can enhance the longevity and effectiveness of their applications while mitigating potential pitfalls.

Key Highlights

  • Prioritize long-term solutions and security standards.
  • Ensure rapid development does not compromise quality.
  • Embrace version control to track changes and enable easy rollbacks.
  • Perform regular code reviews and thorough unit testing.
  • Allocate resources to address technical debt proactively.