Text Analytics Services/NLP

There’s always more to your text than what meets the eye

Text Analytics Services/NLP

There’s always more to your text than what meets the eye

Struggling to understand the language of your data? Is customer feedback a silent enigma, and social media just a sea of uncharted words?

We help you see meaning from the sea of unstructured text. With advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques, we delve deep into your data, unearthing hidden patterns and insights whispering within. Leave the decoding to us. We amplify the voice of your customers, ensuring their message resonates loud and clear.

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Our services

Sentiment analysis

Decode the hidden emotions in your text. Happy customers? Angry reviews? We’ll tell you what they’re feeling, loud and clear.

Topic modeling

Lost in a maze of information? We’ll be your data eye, uncovering the hidden threads that weave your audience together.

Deployment & UI

Picture your data as a treasure chest with insights. We’ll build you the key – a user-friendly platform where you can unlock its secrets with just a click. No need for technical expertise, drag, drop, and discover.

Topic summarizer

Feeling overwhelmed by text? We’re your data cliff notes, condensing the essence of your information into bite-sized summaries—no more drowning in words. We’ll pull out the key points, leaving you informed and empowered, not lost in a sea of details.

Text classifier

Ever wish you could organize your documents like a seasoned librarian? We’ll be your data, Marie Kondo, sorting your text into neat categories – by sentiment, topic, or any way you like. Picture your information neatly shelved and ready for discovery.

Text matchmaker

Need to find the perfect pair in your data? We’ll be your digital Cupid, connecting similar texts like long-lost twins. No stone will be unturned, and no connection will be missed.

Named entity recognition

Meet your data’s secret agents! We’ll identify and extract the key players – people, places, and things – giving you a VIP pass to the inner circle of your text.

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Here's how we unlock your potential

Sentiment analysis

Stop wondering if your customers are happy or frustrated. We'll tell you exactly what they're thinking, allowing you to turn frowns into smiles with a 15% boost in customer loyalty.

Topic modeling

Don't get lost in the sea of data. We'll identify the rising trends and hidden topics, letting you surf the wave of opportunity with a 20% improvement in market responsiveness.

Entity extraction

People, places, and things whisper valuable secrets. We'll extract them from your data, like digging for gold, and give you targeted insights to fuel your marketing campaigns with a 25% increase in conversion rates.

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