Computer Vision and Image Analytics Services

See beyond the pixels with our machine vision magic! 

Computer vision and image analytics services

See beyond the pixels with our machine vision magic! 

What if machines conceive what they see and work autonomously or comprehend the situation, helping you get an idea of what’s happening? When machines recognize an image, sequence of images, or video, they mimic human behavior. Imagine a system trained to inspect production assets—it can examine thousands of products or processes in a minute, detect imperceptible flaws or issues, and can surpass human capabilities. So, when machines can comprehend digital images and videos, they reveal hidden trends and insights that help you make far more accurate decisions!

Stay ahead effortlessly as our AI models excel in object recognition, classification, tracking, and fault detection. Your priorities, our precision! 

Our services

Room type classification

Accurately categorize room images based on their characteristics with a pre-trained model built upon convolutional neural networks, YOLO, and VGG16.

Room object type classification

Tag and classify objects in room images by drawing bounding boxes using a pre-trained model fueled by CNNs and YOLO. 

Facial recognition

Detect, recognize, and analyze human faces in images with our multi-level CNN architecture to extract gender, age, emotion, and other information. 

Image and video analytics

Gain insights from images and videos by accurately recognizing objects, segments, scenes, activities, and people’s faces and gestures with our advanced toolkitFCN (Fully Convolutional Network), Mask-RCNN (Region-based CNN), Detectron2.

Text analytics and speech recognition

Extract insights from text using pattern recognition and sentence tokenization, and convert speech into text for improving products and services using Deep neural networks and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) 

What’s in it for each of you?

Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Manufacturers can leverage our AI model to identify assembly defects with an accuracy rate of 98% and detect machine maintenance and safety issues.

Medical image processing and analysis

Our AI solutions can assist in early diagnosis and treatment by analyzing medical images with a 92% accuracy rate, saving lives and improving patient care.

Retail and eCommerce

Our image analytics solution enables retailers to streamline catalog management, reducing manual effort by up to 80%, and improves image recognition accuracy by 90%, allowing customers to find items at their fingertips.

And that’s just a snapshot! From fault detection, identity verification, and streaming video analysis to content moderation, we got you covered.

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