teX.ai – An Ai based Text Analytics Product

The Genesis Of teX.ai

Many businesses have issues with analyzing their text data. These businesses cut across industries like Fintech, E-commerce, Market Research, Electronic Media, Legal etc.

Indium has extensive experience in leveraging NLP expertise to solve business critical problems across functions. After months of R&D and prototyping, we have launched our proprietary text analytics accelerator platform teX.ai.


teX.ai – An AI based Text Analytics suite of solutions that offers:

Data scraping

Data validation




Topic modeling

teX.ai is a SaaS based accelerator where Indium has working protypes for a variety of text analytics use cases some of which are mentioned below.

Legal organizations can achieve the following using teX.ai.

  • Highlight the key words and phrases for each section of document using Name Entity Recognition
  • Identify the latent topics inside your document w/o reading them using Topic Modeling
  • Make a succinct list of mandatory and optional clauses (do’s and don’ts) using Clustering & ETL

For an electronic media news website, teX.ai can do the following:

  • Automatic categorization across sports, entertainment, politics, pop-culture using Classification
  • Filtering out of spam/abusive comments on the news items using Classification
  • Automatic text summary of TL;DR articles using Summarization

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Classify into different entities. Find the sentiment
[ Customer type as Irate, Satisfied, Indifferent ] [ +ve, -ve, 0 ]

Topic Modeling

Extract latent topics from the article
[ For banking complaints – Cust Care, A/c opening; Balance Related, Credit Card ]

Data Validation

Validate the text, numbers, table from a document with the sources
[ Match GDP numbers from govt. sources, economy ratings from ratings agencies]


Match similar words for spelling correction & data cleaning
[ Match “Amazn” to “Amazon” , “newyork” to “New York”]

Scraping to Structured data

Scrap data/ tables from varied sources – web, pdfs, images
[ Data tables with variables ]


Create concise summaries in to sentences or phrases
[ Summarize the article into 50+ characters ]

Exploratory Text Analysis

Search for words, frequencies, patterns, TF-IDF
[ List of important words and frequencies, Format – Table, Title, Text]

Generation - Chatbot

Generate automatic text and form Q&A Chatbot
[ Rasa NLU based chatbot, RNN]


Find the similarity b/w the documents and group similar docs
[ List of documents with similarity index and the topic name ]

Name Entity Recognition

Identify the entities under the different name classifiers
[ Location, Person, Organizations, Money, Date, Time ]

Text Data ETL

Storing text data in databases for efficient searching
[ Storage in ElasticSearch, Algolia, MongoDB]

Value Proposition

For businesses considering text analytics services can see significant value in teX.ai such as:

  • Shorter idea to solution deployment timeline for business problems
  • Lesser R&D and development costs
  • Access to text analytics solution frameworks and methodologies
  • Access to a ready talent pool with proven expertise for a tough-to-hire skillset

Indium is excited about adding great value to our prospective client’s businesses and scaling our offerings using teX.ai. If you have a problem which falls in this domain, feel free to reach out to us and know more about it.

From unstructured text to insights in a jiffy!

Technology Stack

Open CV

Image Processing


Natural Language Processing


Identification and Categorization


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)


String Matching


Topic Modelling & Text Classification

Web Scraping packages


Financial Research Firms

Rating Firms

Content Aggregators

E-commerce Aggregators


Legal Firms

A Few Examples of our Success