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Every organization wants to improve the productivity of their team and deliver high-quality products and services in a short period. Businesses are looking for a faster testing cycle as they are riding the digital wave. uphoriX is an all-in-one smart test automation platform for your test automation, performance, security and compatibility testing needs.

uphoriX comes with many smart features and enhances the testing process manifold. uphoriX speeds up the release cycles up to 10x faster and helps you achieve faster time to market. Our smart test platform comes with 5 different features:

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Low code Automation

One of the major challenges in automation is creating test scripts. This takes approximately 60% of the time. In many automation initiatives, a considerable amount of time is spent on creating a stable framework. At Indium, our proven test automation framework is built on top of selenium POM and helps kick-start test automation from day 1. Consequently, making the test automation approach robust and scalable.

uphoriX’s can auto-generate the scripts in any chosen format e.g. JAVA, C#, JavaScript, Typescript etc. In other words, it enables efficient script maintainability and reduces the script creation overhead by up to 60% uphoriX accelerates the test scripting process, thereby, speeding up the script development as well.

Flexi Grab : Flexi grab is a powerful record and play feature that comes handy for UAT and Manual testing. Flexi grab captures the user interaction on the application such as Textbox values, button clicks, form submission etc. It reduces manual defect retesting cycle by at least by 40% to 50% for web based applications.

There is no native record & play feature for Selenium because the backbone of Selenium is usually a language-driven script that is written commonly in JAVA, C#, Javascript etc. uphoriX has a browser plugin that enables capturing the user interaction on the application. The captured script could be organized as scenarios and test cases.

The script created using Flexi Grab feature does not require any code compilations as it uses native pseudo-code format.

Intelligent Script maintenance

Many test automation initiatives fail to give ROI due to frequently changing nature of the application, which breaks the automation scripts. The affected scripts need to be carefully analysed and fixed, which involves considerable effort and time.

Auto heal: uphoriX platform’s Auto heal feature has inbuilt intelligence to handle application UI element changes and highlights those for the user to acknowledge. Once the user confirms the changes, it gets incorporated into the scripts. This saves at least 30% – 40% of effort on automation script maintenance.

Script once NFT

Non-functional testing (NFT) is a field of testing, where the performance and vulnerability aspects of an application are assessed.

Performance Testing
  • Load simulations
  • Result analysis to produce reports
Security testing
  • Vulnerability scan
  • Result analysis to produce reports

Performance Testing

There are many tools available in the market both commercial and open-source that can be used to generate the load in terms of virtual users or transactions for an application. However, these tools cannot capture JavaScript actions as they are completely driven by HTTP interactions. The need of the hour is to have browser driven load simulation, which ensures the JavaScript actions are simulated as well. Since uphoriX has an ability to generate selenium scripts, we can integrate with any cloud testing providers like Blazemeter, flood.io or KrakenGrid to run the scripts at scale.

One Script – Script Once : One of the major challenges for the QA team is lack of synergy between the functional testing team (manual, automation) and non-functional testing team (performance). uphoriX enables to re-use the selenium script generated for automation and run performance test. Thus speeding up the seamless release cycle times and bottlenecks.

Security Testing

DevSecOps principle suggests Vulnerability Assessment should be done as part of the development cycle. However, most companies don’t perform Vulnerability Assessment as part of regular QA and take a reactive approach, that is, to wait for a security attack to occur and then delve into a deep RCA (Root cause analysis). uphoriX platform supports DevSecOps.

ICOVA : Integrated & Continuous Vulnerability Analysis, enables re-use of automation scripts created using the uphoriX platform to run Vulnerability Assessment. The script is inserted with a custom code snippet, which runs Vulnerability Assessment when the automation scripts are executed.

Swift compatibility

Applications work well in a controlled test environment, but the application accessed on a real device may fail because there are many flavors of browsers(desktop/mobile) on different OS, QA team cannot cover all combination for every single release.

Multi browser-devices

uphoriX platform leverages Browserstack to execute the tests over the cloud on real devices in a combination of browser/desktop OS/Android version/IOS version/Windows mobile versions. The device list keeps growing which gives a huge landscape for testing the application across various combinations.

IACA : Integrated & Automated compatibility assessment, enables the automation created using uphoriX platform to be integrated with CD/CI tools to trigger automatic compatibility assessment for every release.

Native Test data generator

QA requires test data, without which the application defects cannot be un-earthed. The data should also be real-world data. It is a daunting task for the QA team to keep creating test data for every single tester for every single release. And Performance testing will demand millions of data.

D-Gen : uphoriX has a native test data generation utility, the user must configure the data format as a regular expression, once it is set up, it can generate huge volumes of data. The output can be pointed to a text file, database or JSON based output.

Why uphoriX

  • Parallel testing feature enabling faster testing cycle.
  • Easy to use features. Even a non-technical user can use it.
  • uphoriX platform supports many CD/CI tools like Jenkins, Circle CI, Azure etc, this enable Vulnerability Assessment to be done as part every single build, there aligning to DevSecOps principle.
  • Reliable, Robust, Scalable and Highly Secured platform

Value Proposition

  • Improve your testing cycle by at least 30% and defect retesting by at least 50% which in turn increases the go to market pace by 20% to 30%.
  • Felxi Grab feature with auto-generated scripts with Zero compilation effort.
  • uphoriX endures 60-70% of Test Preparation, to take a direct leap into Automation and on-demand NFT.
  • uphoriX resolves technical bias with its auto-establishment of Test Artefacts in standard formats, can be used by Business Users.
  • Adaptive Testing with transparency into Auto Healing and incremental maintenance, making it a power booster for Agile Development.
  • Extensive QA Coverage – Test Automation, Compatibility across multiplex device/OS/browser combinations, Continuous Performance and Vulnerability Analysis.
  • Feature-rich highly customizable automation platform at no additional costs

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