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uphoriX – The Smart Test Platform

10x Faster Testing Release Cycles

uphoriX is an All-in-One Smart Test Automation Platform

Every organization wants to improve the productivity of their team and deliver high-quality products and services in a short period. Businesses are looking for a faster testing cycle as they are riding the digital wave.

uphoriX is an all-in-one smart test automation platform for your test automation, performance, security and compatibility testing needs.

uphoriX comes with many smart features and enhances the testing process manifold. uphoriX speeds up the release cycles up to 10x faster and helps you achieve faster time to market.

Our smart test automation platform is a Test-Accelerator that comes with 5 different smart features.

All-in-One Smart Test Automation Platform

uphoriX Test-Accelerator

As a leader in test automation, the principles along with years of software testing experience have been codified into our smart test platform, uphoriX. It is a customizable platform for your test automation, performance, security, and compatibility testing needs.

uphoriX Architecture

Our Expertise

Client Spotlight

In this Client Spotlight we bring the story of how Indium addressed the QA needs of a large Financial Services provider by fragmenting Test Automation Solution in different layers.

The client used Salesforce to benefit from processing applications aggressively and to scale up acquisition business.

To provide QA for this Salesforce application, Indium used a combination of automation frameworks, such as iSAFE Automation Framework, Selenium based Test Automation, Utilities for Test Data Generation and iOS Debug with Appium.

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Why uphoriX

Value Proposition

30% Improvement in testing cycle

50% Reduction in defect retesting

Flexi-grab feature

60-70% Reduction in test preparation effort

Very business-user friendly, with standardized test artefacts

Adaptive Testing & Auto Healing powering Agile development

Extensive QA coverage across devices & browser combinations

Highly customizable automation platform at no additional costs

uphoriX: The Smart Test Platform

Wouldn’t it be great if all QA requirements could be fulfilled with a one-stop solution? That helps save software testing costs, expedites the testing process, and accelerates digital transformation projects.

Indium Software’s Smart Test Platform, uphoriX, is the answer to all your software testing needs. Its advantages? Parallel testing, scripts reusability, Test automation, compatibility…

WATCH the video to know more.

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