Performance Assurance Services

Ensuring the scalability of infrastructure resources of the cloud translates into application scalability and a smooth user experience

Unlock your potential to adjust to changing dynamics without compromising optimal performance of applications

Efficient load time and efficient application performance are the integral characteristics of your product’s success. Indium Software’s performance testing solutions for desktop, mobile & web-based applications starts with establishing the benchmark behaviour of a given system.

This helps to assess performance capabilities contextually with different designs and architecture.

Our solutions are aimed at providing speed to the overall processes of enterprises alongside being able to reliably scale up or down the workload using increased interoperability.  

Performance Assurance Services

Our End-to-End Capabilities

There are a variety of tests that can be performed to ensure that applications and systems work in their most efficient forms.


Load Testing

Model your expected usage by simulating multiple users accessing the program for faster application time to screen.

Stress Testing

Conduct intense and thorough testing and ensure the stability of your system’s infrastructure.

Cloud Performance Assessment

Measure the behaviour of the application deployed in cloud and to analyse the below key points:
– Server monitoring (Cloudwatch for AWS, Azure monitoring, APM tools etc.,)
– DB analysis using RDS, CDS etc.,

Early Performance Testing

Why should we need to wait to unlock performance issues in the testing lifecycle? Early Performance testing or ‘shift-left’ testing will help us to identify performance bottleneck much early in the SDLC life cycle.

Performance Benchmarking

Identify performance gaps and build a tactical advantage over competitors by accessing your unique capabilities.

Performance Engineering Consulting

Keep up with the changing workload by making sure the system is responsive at all times through informed decisions with our diagnostics and consulting capabilities.

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As one of the leaders in test automation, the principles along with years of software testing experience have been codified into our smart test platform, uphoriX. It is a customizable platform for your test automation, performance, security and compatibility testing needs.


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