Data Governance & Data Assurance – Good Decisions Need Both

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“Data Governance & Data Assurance – Good Decisions Need Both” demystifies data governance’s intricacies, offering a concise perspective. Imagine it as an orchestrator optimizing data to meet precise criteria driving impactful actions. This encapsulation not only defines its essence but also delineates its scope. It abstains from asserting that data governance’s exclusive objective lies in policy formulation, refining data quality, or executing exhaustive data management methodologies. While these components undoubtedly hold significance, they function as harmonious compliments to the primary theme of data governance – augmenting and reinforcing actions of strategic value.

Don’t get flummoxed by data governance

  • Balancing Defensive and Offensive Approaches in Data Governance for Financial Institutions
  • Key Components of Enterprise Data Governance with Data Assurance
  • Indium’s Data Governance Framework
  • Assessing Your Position on the Data Governance Maturity Level
  • Evaluating Data Maturity: Maturity Model Questionnaire
  • Strategies for Protecting Sensitive Data and Mitigating Security Risks
  • Understanding Data Privacy Regulations and Compliance Requirements

Data governance can be a vital asset to your business, but only if you take the right approach. This eBook will help you get off to the best possible start.