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Security Testing Services

A range of DevSecOps services that address the security concerns of
cloud adoption such as Penetration, network, device and API assessment

With alarmingly increasing numbers of privacy breaches, enterprises require to be equipped with the right tools for different types of security testing.

In a world where rapid digital transformation is at the crux of legitimizing operation efficiency, automated solutions are a necessity.

Indium’s experts have designed a comprehensive vulnerability assessment and penetration testing approach based on OWASP 10 standards & SANS 25.

We perform precise risk analysis and identify hackers in an environment that allows mining of actionable insights.

Security Testing and Tools

Red & Blue Team Assessment approach

A software as a service (SaaS) solution provider for e-learning and performance management systems.

We Identified potential vulnerabilities and categorized them from high, medium and low impact in order to provide actionable remediation for every defect that was identified.

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Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Indium Software can be your right-hand host that consults all your needs for authenticated security testing services.

IP Theft, Phishing, Malware infiltration, Network breach, Website defacement are some of the many serious security threats faced by organizations which leads to major revenue loss and negative reputation.

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