Diversity and Inclusion at Indium: Fostering a Culture of Belonging

While we have our jobs, careers propel us forward in our professional journey. A career provides us with the sense of purpose and belonging that we derive from the work we do. According to Harvard Business review, the degree of meaning and purpose you derive from work may be the biggest difference between a job and a career when employees feel that they belong to a team or organization — in the sense that it aligns with their values, and enables them to express important aspects of their identity — they will not only tend to perform better, but also experience higher levels of engagement and well-being.

At Indium, we strongly believe in nurturing employee’s career through:

  •  Camaraderie,
  •  Open communication and
  •  Flat hierarchy

That provides a platform for collaborative work, leading to better learning and honoring everyone’s achievements that circumvent any stereotypes or biases. In short, we celebrate diversity and embrace inclusion that fosters our work environment, where employees can express themselves without fearing judgment.

We consciously recognize the value everyone brings in, irrespective of where they come from and what level they hold in the organizational chart. We build trust among the employees by demonstrating our true values of

  • Empathy,
  • Compassion,
  • Teamwork, and
  • The overall well-being of the employee.

We also ensure that every employee is empowered to make decisions and learn from mistakes. The diversity and inclusion culture promotes our values that align with the organization’s culture and goals. Furthermore, providing periodic and meaningful feedback and recognition along with engagement and fun activities enhances the employee’s steadfast commitment to delivering the best and boosts their morale. Our leadership has been our cornerstone in achieving the cohesive team that we are today with a diverse and inclusive work environment.

The sense of belonging is what made us a Great Place to work. We follow a hybrid model across the world, with multigenerational and multicultural employees who work together as one team. It is with pride that we say that a diverse population with an inclusive mindset has enhanced every employee’s career and fostered a sense of belonging.

Author: Ranjani Praveen Kumar
Ranjani holds 17 years of experience and earned a bachelor's degree in Science, followed by an MBA with a concentration in Human Resources. She has wholly bestowed her expertise in the field of employee branding and engagement through impactful communication to bring about a positive influence in the organization. With the new era of digital transformation, it is imperative that we have a human connect which forms the quintessential of any organization. As a strong believer of human intuitive networking, she follows the path of the personal touch.