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Ban’KING’ Application should be validated as a ‘KING’

  • Software testing
  • Abhay Das
  • June 2, 2014
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The present growth of universe is unarguable due to the enhancement of technology. In the recent days the technology has become the part and parcel of our daily life.

With the advent of new softwares, all the functions which can be done via web can be easily done through our mobile-phones too.

In the same foots of technology advancement, all the banking applications can be done through mobile-phones now a days. 

On the other side, the misuse of technology has become very easier with new softwares. A general human being at one or other instance is being downgraded because of the faulty/fishy technologies which are enormously affecting the individual economically and legally.

The scenario becomes more complex in the banking and finance industry where the individuals hardwork/earnings are directly affected.

If any of the issue comes from the field after the shipping of the software, the name and fame of the company as well as the team is drowned.

The unethical individuals are posing a great threat to the safety of the applications developed and peace of mind of the people involved in bringing it out.

The above situation handles good for the developers, testers and database engineers who are accountable for the misbehavior/improper functioning of the application.

Who are the people who acts as GOOD PILLS for the above scenario?


It’s, we, the testers who are the bitter pills for the unethical and sweet pills for others. The applications which are deployed to us should be tested keeping in mind four types of individuals

  1. Normal user
  2. Illiterate user
  3. Expert can be unethical expert too
  4. Adhoc user

Out of the above four, the serious threat for us is with the user 4. So, we, the testers should test the application in such a way that none of the scenarios are uncovered.

Here the thing which matters is our BRAIN but not SELENIUM/QTP. The situation is more prevalent in the Banking Domain. As if the “KING HAS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF SAFEGUARD OF HIS PEOPLE OF KINGDOM , WE TESTERS SHOULD BECOME KINGS AND SAFEGUARD THE APPLICATIONS “

Let it be SMOKE / FUNCTIONAL TESTING / INTEGRATION / SYSTEM / REGRESSION / SECURITY TESTING UAT TESTING, the primary motto of us should be safeguarding the application and interests of the application ethical users and in turn safeguarding the interests of our organisation.


Abhay Das