Functional Testing Services

Our Outsourced Functional Testing Services therefore focuses on ensuring the functionality, reliability and stability of a product/service before it enters the production phase. Building a unified process, ensuring consistent quality and improved go-to-market parameters are the three pillars on which this practice rests. Quality and Reliability are two critical aspects that make or break any software product or service.

Each phase of software Testing lifecycle is well planned and well executed. At a broad level, we commit to the following outcomes under our Functional Test practice:

  • Conformance to all technical specifications
  • Bug-free’ release
  • Detailed test documentation, so as to make it easier when new features are added
  • Easy process for knowledge transfer across teams

Within the Functional Testing realm, we offer the following services

Integration Testing
UAT Testing
System Testing
Regression Testing

Functional Testing Framework

At Indium Software , we adopt the following process to drive a functional testing engagement for a client:

Understand the software to be tested, plan the procedure for testing, and document the test process for all functional aspects of a product.

Set goals and scope of testing, resources required, the tools and environment needed, and the number of test cases required to ensure completeness. Prioritise the test cases to reduce delay and risk.

Automated functional testing to shorten test cycles, ensure greater accuracy and efficiency. This also reduces human errors.

Maintain a centralized data storage system for better management of bug/defect reporting.

Share visual reports to make post-test decision making easy

Map test plans to the product functionality and modify the test cases if needed.

During the testing process, we often uncover ideas to improve the software development process and new features ideas. These are often shared with the client as a value addion.

Be it Black-box testing or White-box testing, a robust functional testing process ensures superior user experience for the end-user, functional completeness and, most importantly, that the final software product behaves as expected.

As a premium QA Service Provider, we’ve several decades of experience as a test partner for some of the world’s best software products.

We have the experience, technical expertise as well as domain understanding to be able to ensure your product meets the best practices of your industry

Functional testing services

Our functional testing technique rests on two bulwarks – early defect detection through a shift-left approach; and with a clear entry and exit criteria. It covers Integration testing, system testing, functional testing, regression testing and UAT.

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Exploratory Testing

It is a type of software testing in which Test cases are not created beforehand, but testers check the system on the fly. They may take stock ideas of what to test before test execution. The aim of exploratory testing is mainly on testing as a “thinking” activity.

Exploratory Testing is mainly used in Agile models and is mainly about discovery, investigation, and learning. It focuses mainly on freedom and an individual tester’s responsibility.

Key Deliverables

In these type of testing, Indium Software gets involved right from Day 0, in the planning process and develops a test plan to cover the entire test cycle. Based on this, a reusable test case repository covering all business scenarios and the traceability matrix covering entire functional landscape are established. Intelligent Dashboards give accurate engagement information at every stage of the test cycle.

Focus Areas

  • Manual Test Design and Execution covering SIT and UAT
  • Close integration with other service lines for delivering better quality and quicker time to market

Functional Testing Best Practices

  • Early testing enabling lesser defect leakage into production.
  • Unique team composition consisting of Business Analyst, Functional Testers and technical testers
  • Focused Product led testing with agnostic domain capabilities

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