Top Cloud Testing Tools

The need for cloud automation testing has risen in recent years as a result of the various advantages of using cloud testing software, such as low costs, scalability, and accessibility.

Cloud-based testing allows you to test your software with real-world internet activities in a multi-user computing environment. There are various forms of cloud research, which are known as PaaS, SaaS and laaS, among others…

The benefits of testing in cloud is huge. From ease of availability to scalability, testers are already reaping its benefits. Not to forget the low cost involved in testing. Cloud testing tools helps in testing mobile devices and websites virtually without investing in physical infrastructure.

Cloud testing tools might improve testing efforts by reducing costs by freeing up resources, but only by selecting the right test tools that fits the testing requirement.

1. CloudTest

It allows four types of test automation on a single web platform –

CloudTest is a cloud-based testing application developed by SOASTA for load and performance testing services. This application is predominantly used to test mobile and web applications.

SOASTA first launched CloudTest in 2008. CloudTest effectively tests your mobile and web sites load during peak performances.

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Cloud Testing Service

CloudTest has the ability to recreate the scenario of multiple concurrent users visiting the website, thus testing the load and performance of the site. With real-time analytics and reporting, it is a user-friendly tool.

The open-source version CloudTest Lite comes with limited features for new users to try out.

2. LoadStorm

LoadStorm, as it is obvious from the name is another cloud-based Load testing tool for mobile and web applications.

To test the performance of the application under excessive traffic LoadStorm is the perfect choice.

Because it can create voluminous virtual users as required to identify the breaking point of any application. The tool is customizable and has pre-loaded testing scenarios within the tool. LoadStorm is very easy to use and economical.

3. BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter is a complete testing suite. It allows users to check the performance of mobile, web and APIs.

It has the ability to simulate virtual users across various geo-locations. BlazeMeter can be integrated with popular open-source tools like Selenium, JMeter, Grinder and Gatling

4. Nessus

Nessus is a popular vulnerability scanner used by organizations to detect vulnerabilities across devices, firewalls and cloud infrastructure. Cloud hosting threats like malware, viruses, web services and backdoors linking to malicious content can be detected using Nessus.

It also acts as a compliance-auditing tool for banking and healthcare domain. It provides detailed report and solution that can be sent to others using email.

5. App Perfect

Cloud Load Testing, Cloud Hosted Testing, and Cloud Security Testing are all available through AppPerfect, a cloud-based software testing tool. This cloud testing platform will assist you in testing web applications on a variety of browsers, hardware, and operating systems.

Some of the features of App Perfect include Designing and documenting test scripts, distributed testing, scheduling test execution over a cloud environment, accessing and exporting test results, and detailed reporting are all features of Cloud Load Testing.

This cloud testing tool offers professionally managed, on-demand, and flexible Cloud Hosted Testing.

6. Jenkins Dev@Cloud

When it comes to Development, integration and constant deployment on the cloud Jenkins Dev@Cloud should be the first choice. It supports multiple languages and continuous deployment to many services.

It helps in connecting securely to existing systems via cloud. For development, it provides wide range of mobile tools.

It can be integrated with third party systems like AWS Ealstic Beanstalk, Google App Engine and Cloud Foundry, and reap its benefits as well.

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7. Xamarin test cloud

Xamarin is a popular cloud based UI acceptance-testing tool for mobile apps. It allows test cases to be written in C# and Ruby.

Xamarin has the capacity to run number of tests over multiple physical devices. The best part is it captures screen shots of every step.

This tool can be used for continuous integration by incorporating with automated builds

If you would like to get a new tool added to this list, please let us know through your comments.