Performance Testing

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Indium Software’s Performance & Load testing services for web based solutions begin with establishing the benchmark behaviour of the system to assess performance capabilities based on the design and architecture. To ensure faster and error-free performance, we validate:

Speed (Response Time)

Performance Testing Services Portfolio

A comprehensive range of services make our testing portfolio effective and the product/solution, efficient.

Indium Software follows a process-oriented approach for the successful deployment of test automation: In the assessment stage, the first step is getting the client’s sign-off on deliverables and involves:

Load Testing
Stress/ Scalability/ Capacity Testing
Spike and Synchronization Testing
Soak and Reliability Testing
Performance Benchmarking
Network Bandwidth Verification
Performance Tuning and Diagnostics

Indium Software's Best Practices for Performance Testing

Our process-based approach with client-first attitude has helped us understand the best way to achieve the goals of a product/solution. Some of the practices include:

  • Handle the load of defined concurrent users
  • Bring the response times within acceptable limits
  •  Find bottlenecks in the Application/Product that can be fine-tuned
  • Provide the level of scalability for your architecture
  • Optimize the performance of Application Server and Database Server
  • Plan for proactive maintenance

End your wait for the best tool based solutions!

Performance Testing – Tools Used

  • QA Load
  • Load Runner
  • Compuware- Gomez, Silk Performer
  • Test Complete
  • VSTS 2010
  • JMeter
  • Test Director/Quality Centre
  • Bugzilla, Mantis
  • Jira
  • TFS
  • TestLink
  • Silk Central Test Manager (SCTM)

Testing requires testing of features to ensure they serve the purpose they were designed for. Therefore, Indium Software deploys domain experts with technical skills who understand the purpose and test for its success in meeting the objective.

Value Additions

  • Load Balancer / Memory Bottleneck
  • Processor Bottleneck in DB & App. Server
  • Disc I/O constraints / Network Latency
  • Server Configuration / Network Bandwidth
  • DB Deadlock / SQL response time / Indexing issues
  • JVM / JDBC Connections Constraints
  • Timeout / TCP Connection stability

Focus Areas

  • Application Benchmarking & Predictive Usage Pattern
  • WAN simulation Using Cloud based load testing
  • Infrastructure Upgrade – Validation
  • Mobile application based Performance Testing
  • Maturity based Performance Engineering Models.

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How can we help you?

Contact us at the Indium Software office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.