Cloud Testing Services

Cloud Computing helps companies focus on their core business instead of worrying about the investment and maintenance of their IT infrastructure. This has provided agility to IT leaders, who are able to provide flexible service offerings to their customers in a pay per use or licensing model based. It has also made updating software easier.

But with it comes the need to test for interoperability, security and performance. Indium Software’s two decades of experience with testing applications as well as on cloud using its Test Automation Framework helps to drive:

Higher ROI

Reduce test cycle time

Minimize risks

Indium Software Key Service Offerings

To meet the objectives of the development and testing, Indium Software offers a wide and deep range of services includes:

Platform and systems independence of cloud resources ensured by validating & integrating heterogeneous systems (J2EE / .NET, mainframe & any other legacy systems).

Web application security audit (aligned to OWASP standards)

Identify bottlenecks, predict scalability, verify the response time, memory and CPU utilization

Perform Vulnerability Scanning using SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Cross Site Forgery, Session Management Testing, Database Testing, web server configuration and the like for ensuring Data Security.

A comprehensive, end to end testing of the application

Indium Software's Cloud Testing Best Practices

Indium Software ensures quick RoI by implementing:

  • Innovation and faster time to market through shorter regression testing cycle times
  • Decision support for capacity planning
  • Scalability & response time of application in a shared environment
  • Competitive costs through offshore leveraged model – catalog driven transaction based pricing model

Key Deliverables

Cloud Specific Testing
Cloud Migration Testing
Functional testing
Performance Testing
Compatibility testing

Focus Areas

Cloud Specific Testing
Cloud Migration Testing
Functional testing
Performance Testing
Compatibility testing

Value Addition

  • Providing efficient implementation of independent infrastructure
  • Reducing test setup and execution time and eliminating errors
  • Enabling visibility, control and automation
  • Optimizing infrastructure and software license usage
  • Offering pricing options tailored to user resource need
  • Prioritizing innovative projects

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