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2017 & Beyond – Useful Software Testing Trends to Follow

  • Software testing
  • Abhay Das
  • January 24, 2017
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Independent software testing services industry is an ever growing industry with exceptional changes in the last decade. While test engineers are still struggling to cope up with the changes, new paddocks have grown.

This is not only a challenge to the testers for continuous learning but also for the businesses to be aware of the best choice for their product or solution.

New technologies are overcoming and are disrupting existing technologies, which have been there for many years. These new changes have always been a challenge to the testers.

This post will summaries the top 10 emerging trends for software testing

1. The Future is with Open Source Tools

The next era will be evident for a lot of Open source tools in an act. More and more businesses will accept these tools for appropriate execution of Agile, DevOps, Test Management, Defect Management and Test Automation.

Few support groups of open source tools can only become extra involved and active.

2. Speed and Quality will run hand in hand

Every individual or business will want the best product and as early as possible. Time and quality will always act as a major judging factor in shifting the landscape of software testing market.

3. The rulers will be Agile & DevOps

According to Forrester, businesses are not eyeing at centralized Test Center of Excellence.

Test automation creators are a part of agile teams. The old testing pitch is building a swing towards QA engineering and testing is envisioned to become more iterative, progressive, and will become impeccably integrated with development.

Even, the development will be driven in the way we test the application (TDD).

4. Testing Big Data will become a Big Deal

We are decked on top of an explosive volume of Big Data now and we need a very strong tactic for Big Data Solutions.

Testing data-sets demand high analytical tools, techniques, and frameworks. This is an area that is expected to grow big.

5. Growing Leaps of IoT

The growth of IoT growing boundaries more customers bank on IoT Testing before using the products.

If the product is not tested for its functionality, security, and effectiveness – it will come beneath scanner.

According to a study, more than 70% of devices in IoT are vulnerable to security problems.

6. Shift from Performance Testing to Performance Engineering

“A better user experience is crucial to the success of the product”. Performance consistency across platforms, operating system, and devices will define how much a product can capture a market.

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A necessity to provide the best UX is making businesses to change their strategy. These strategies are now becoming Performance engineering than Performance testing.

7. Mobile Testing will remain the creamy layer of Test Automation

Mobile testing will remain to stay on like last year. The top of test automation trends causing the significant shift in the embracing mobile devices and technology in businesses.

Mobile application testing will unquestionably be a major influence in the software testing industry, which comprises of functional, compatibility, performance, usability and security testing services as the chief areas.

Probabilities of Open-source frameworks, Mobile DevOps, and apps market will tend to increase to a greater being a cause for expansion of mobile test automation services landscape.

Gartner Says – by 2017 and beyond, there will be over 300+ billion downloads of mobile app and will generate revenue of more than $80 Billion.

8. QA and Developer roles will merge together

The growing acceptance of DevOps opinion is predicted to break silos of roles between developers & QA/testers.

With time running, the developers and operation managers started to accept testing activity as a part of their daily task.

In fact, the developers love to catch bugs before it goes to the production environment. So, keeping this in mind, the experts forecast that the developers and testers role will merge in upcoming years.

9. Hardware Testing will be in its own Pace

The Director of Hitachi – Mr. Jonathon Wright says that “IoT is all about hardware than software.

Testing hardware is going to be a change for testers.”

10. The greatest part is that Software Testing Budgets continue to grow

Obviously, the huge focus and demand for high product excellence and with key IT trends, testing has become more important than just a need.

This is pushing the businesses towards allocating a bigger IT budget (around 40-50%) for software testing and QA.

Abhay Das