How Indium can help you start a 100% Remote Mendix Project

Remote working has become especially hot in times of Covid-19, but collaboration between teams distributed across geographies is nothing new. Many platforms enable this.

What makes the low-code platform Mendix unique is it is a high productivity app that allows speeds not seen in the traditional development platforms. Mendix development has several in-built features which make this acceleration of development projects possible.

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We list a few advantages of Mendix Project platform:

  • Agile development requires third party storyboards that need to be integrated into the development process. In Mendix, the storyboarding feature is in-built, enabling creation and modification of storyboards on the fly.
  • For requirements management, though there are forums for traditional development platforms, they are not really official and scattered across the World Wide Web. Mendix has a closed house, an official forum where solutions can be accessed and fetched and collaboration with other developers is possible.
  • The reusability of components is high. In traditional development, component development takes effort and needs to be stored in a JAR. Here, the artefacts can be convened and stored in the forum or a community that is public or private. Across applications, these components can be leveraged as a widget or a module.
  • UI is another area where Mendix scores high. SAP has a UI layer called Fiori where most of the SAP applications are built and available only for SAP users. Mendix provides a readymade Fiori framework for SAP integration. Even if the developer has no experience with SAP he can incorporate this for an SAP application.
  • Any third-party integrations can be done easily with theavailable artefacts, making the process very simple.
  • Mendix deployment is also simple as it comes as a containerized stack. In other development environments, the developer faces the challenge of sizing the application. If there are n-number of users, the developer must work out the size of the application. In Mendix, at the time of enabling the required number of licenses, their container size is automatically determined. The entire deployment process is also automated and simplified.

Advantage Indium

Indium Software has two decades of experience in working with cutting edge technologies building teams and team skills to keep pace with the latest solutions. Keeping in line with equipping our teams with the required qualifications to leverage the Mendix platform, Indium encouraged its developers to undergo certifications three to four years ago.

Today, we have 56 developers certified in Basic; 25 are undergoing the intermediate level between Rapid and Advanced certifications, and 5-10 are on their way to Advanced-level certifications.

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Indium takes advantage of the Forums to further advance its understanding of the platform and also take help from Mendix if there is a new area that needs their inputs. Developers can approach Mendix with queries that they respond to. It is a matter of pride for Indium that the developers were able to create innovative Proof of Concepts using Mendix with Webex Applications and HL7 engine that got Mendix interested to know more.

Indium has other such firsts including integrating with Kafka for real-time processing, iFrame for Tableau or PowerBuilder, LDAP integration, created a connector for ViDM  SSOpl among others.

Bluetooth scanning, QR code scanning and biometric authentication are some of the application areas where this has been used innovatively. Indium also has expertise in Mendix QA automation.

Indium has leveraged Mendix for across domains including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Realty, Financial Services, Retail and Government.

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With such rich experience and cross-domain expertise, Indium is an ideal partner for enabling remote Mendix project management. If you have a requirement, call us now.