QA for an Online Streaming Services Application – A Success Story

About online streaming services application

In the recent past, there’s been a considerable increase in online streaming services over traditional media. Cutting the cable is the popular trend with more people preferring online streaming options.

According to Statista, the online streaming services market is projected to reach USD 85,735 million in 2025 from USD 51,617 million in 2020 at an annual growth rate of 10.7% (CAGR 2020 -2025).

The main reason behind this rapid growth is the growing adoption of cloud-based solutions. And by 2025, there will be 1,337.1 million estimated users.

It’s anticipated that adoption of online streaming services will reach its peak, particularly in developed countries.

One could say that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this increased adoption. According to data, there’s been a 10% increase in viewership during the lockdown.

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This isn’t a big surprise with 1/4th of the world population in some sort of lockdown due to corona virus, thus encouraging people to sign up for video streaming services.

Software testing plays a vital role in online streaming applications. Apart from tough competition, there are other challenges these online streaming services face such as multi-platform presence and staying updated on technology.

People nowadays want unlimited accessibility and control over video streaming services.

The ability to stream your content on a variety of platforms has also been crucial in driving the growth of these streaming services, which need to be compatible with the latest technology.

The users always want the best experience, hence there is a need to constantly update the UI, library reclassifications and security.

To keep up with the market, organizations must consider testing their application, through software testing outsourcing for instance, for bugs before the application becomes accessible to the consumers.

Client overview

In the world of online streaming services, it is the audience who decide when and what to watch and if your video takes more than a few seconds to start, you might just lose another member of your audience to your competition.

Every additional second of delay will result in more of your subscribers leaving your services and moving to your competitors.

Our client is an online video streaming channel offering subscribers content of 2000 titles at any given time.

The company is a premium cable channel (can be attached to Amazon Prime) with four live channels, selection of movies and original shows.

They had an application for streaming which is a typical media application with features such as sign up, watch movies, favourites, downloads and collections.

The application can also be accessed through multi-platforms such as Xbox One, Chromecast, Apple iPads, iPhones and Android devices and smart TVs.

Business challenges

Seamless delivery and playback quality are two of the most important challenges faced by an organization in this field.

As a leading Quality Assurance (QA) service provider, we have to ensure the application is of a good quality. Our client came to us with the following business challenges:

  • The functional reliability of the application
  • Seamless UI and UX of the platform/recommend features based on competitor research
  • Consistent multi-platform experience across most popular market devices
  • Deliver a high-quality mobile application with a launch ‘right in the first time’

Our solution

At Indium, we have a dedicated team of experts in testing the online streaming application. As a first step, we carefully analyzed the workflow of the application and designed module-based Test Cases for both positive and negative scenarios

Test automation for a faster delivery cycle and exploratory testing to identify showstoppers and initiate early/parallel defect fixing were our suggestions.

We also kept definite metrics to tick off user experience (UX) indicators such as app launch experience, network, interruptions, display, list of conventions in a typical media/entertainment app etc.

Our exclusive team tested the application for functionality/UI/UX/Compatibility across 150 mobile devices. We identified various bugs and sorted them based on their criticality, recommending priority of action.

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The online streaming industry is evolving in terms of technology and to the surprise of many it is growing rapidly. Proper QA is necessary for customer acquisition and retention.

Indium software has over two decades of experience in quality assurance and has worked with some of the top logos from around the world. Our team helped meet our client’s business requirements by enhancing the application and ensuring a consistent experience across platforms.

Author: Pradeep Parthiban
Pradeep is a Content Writer and Digital Marketing Specialist at Indium Software with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.