6 Key Concerns in Mobile Game Testing

No – 1: Gameplay

The gameplay and User Interface of the game determine the success of the game in the market. One has to ensure that device fragmentation does not disrupt any of these. There are various things need to test for gameplay:

  • User Interface layouts:  Games are developed keeping in mind the various screen resolutions available in the market. One has to make sure the game works seamlessly across different screen resolutions. In other words, Regression Testing must be done frequently to ensure the game works fine even when layout changes.
  • Menu and functions: Test Automation Framework can be used to test the functionality and behaviour of Menu structures.
  • Screen orientation: Unexpectedly, the screen orientation is not correct with numerous games out in the market. One has to keep in mind the screen orientation alterations while testing the game. For example, the tester has to check whether the game works fine in both portrait and landscape modes.
  • Screen resolution: Introduction of plenty of mobile phones with different screen resolutions in market, especially in Android. Hence, it is necessary to test the game across various resolutions to ensure the graphics do not get strained.

No – 2: Game Performance

The Performance of the game needs to be stable across various devices. Hence, it is suggested that the game is tested across maximum real devices as possible. Keeping in mind the battery usage, one needs to test or play the game for hours and see how long the battery lasts. Load/Stress tests could be used to test the sustainability of the game under heavy load.

No – 3: UI and UX

Testing the Usability, navigation stream, and in the end, what client encounter your diversion conveys to gamers just is impossible on a work area with a mouse and console.

So overlook emulators and utilize just genuine devices for testing. Furthermore, to get the ideal comprehension of how awesome ease of use and excitement your game is giving, following are two imperative things you ought to consider when testing UI/UX’

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Test the performance of the game as it creates positive/negative user experience.

Battery consumption, game interruptions and overall game performance have substantial effect on user experience.

No – 4: Multi-player Feature

Multiplayer feature has become more common these days. Hence, the necessity to test the multi-player feature is essential and challenging.

For instance, the game speaks with the backend server. In these situations, network is crucial and the synchronization amongst backend and gadgets that need to get data about the gameplay.

There are huge amounts of various situations you ought to test and a large number of those will extremely affect the game’s understanding, bringing about negative input and gets uninstalled.

No – 5: Social Integrations

Social integration is a significant part of the game. In most games, it is vital to be able to share the game results across the social network.

Hence the game should be tested thoroughly for Android and iOS devices, with various OS versions and device configurations out there, it will be a challenging task.

No – 6: Security

Most of the developers use some kind of open source modules as part of their game. This is highly endorsed and accepted game development practice as it unloads the job of developing code from scratch for your mobile game.

Nevertheless, game developers often ignore detecting third-party code and vulnerabilities.