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New versions of software are released rapidly, requiring quick regression testing to authenticate every release quickly. With decades of experience, Indium Software has coded its best practices into processes that help meet this challenge of ‘time-to-market’ across industries.

Indium Software’s Regression Testing Service achieves more with less by providing extreme test coverage with least number of test cases leading to a minimal cost of assessment and threat. We can assist in regulating when to stop testing, help arrange and classify the regression test suite to provide maximum coverage at a minimal cost. With our ductile staffing approach, regression testing is done swiftly. In case of an accidental error during development, it is resolved at the initial stage to minimize the risk of defect leakage.

DevOps and Agile testing approach also enable us to work with developers in parallel to ensure shorter regression testing times with accurate and timely reporting for releasing bug-free updates. Our test automation framework, iSAFE, also introduces the element of reusability and consistency to shorten testing cycle times. Our test execution controls advanced risk-based methods to recognize wedged functionalities, more proficiently.

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Indium Software’s test automation framework further aids the experienced team in the following:

Our IP-Led automation frameworks enable faster time-to-release, while also helping identify scenarios where only selective automation will work
We optimize our regression test approach to minimize risk, and know when to stop testing
We help deliver effective regression cycles with minimal escalation of costs
We ensure accuracy in regression testing to ease maximum coverage through minimal number of test cases
We help our clients meet critical release deadlines

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How can we help you?

Contact us at the Indium Software office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.