Work-Life Balance at Indium: Prioritizing Well-being

The call for balance in professional and personal life started many years ago, and today, it has become a hyphenated but mononymously intended word: work-life balance.

Is it enough to hyphenate the words work and life to achieve the envisioned balance? At Indium, it is believed that this hyphenation is a constant practice, combining work and individual well-being to always keep the envisioned balance undisturbed.

How is well-being prioritized at Indium?

  • Ever since the pandemic’s onslaught in 2020, Indium has embraced the Hybrid model of work and scaled effortlessly in the new normal. Although the pandemic came and did what it could to us, we chose to continue with the Hybrid model. Today, we are 3000+ Indiumites, with almost 70% of our talent force working remotely and the remaining 30% working in a hybrid mode.
  • Although our work mode is hybrid, we endeavored to make our workplaces much more vibrant, peppy, and positively charged, with an atmosphere of affable collaboration and people engagement.
  • As our people switch intermittently between working from the office, working from remote, and working hybrid, we realize that by combining our capabilities in these different modes, we have delivered all our envisioned business solutions.
  • We believe that combining our capabilities from the different work modes helps create empowered teams at work, but we also need something extra to create ‘United Teams of Indium’: promoting the collaboration culture as a team.
  • Well-being reaches full circle when mental health is prioritized. We have enabled 1-to-1 helpline services that can assist in resolving anything that is a reason for stress.
  • There is a continuous effort to keep adding on the binding factors that help our people come together as a team, such as:

1. Individualizing and expanding the scope of appreciation and recognition at work in more forums such as monthly, quarterly, half-yearly & annual R&Rs, and also for spot occasions that enable instant recognition.

2. Enriching the onboarding, learning & engagement ecosystems by offering more interaction-led & interactive journeys for perceptibly relatable people experience

3. Consistent communication of policy updates & new benefits; socializing the communication through focused group discussions and extended calls with different practice lines and extended teams.

4. Individual attention to some outstanding success stories or unique achievements of our people through social handles.

5. We make every employee event a celebration, whether town halls, talent display events, or smaller get-togethers and ethnic occasions.

Is this the end of the whole story? There is still a long way ahead, and we aim to make it a never-ending tale filled with an unceasing timeline of effort to bring immeasurable delight and prioritize the overall well-being of every single Indiumite.

Author: Siddharth MP
With over 17 years of professional experience in diverse roles, Siddharth brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. He holds a PGDM in Human Resources and even boasts a Guinness World Record for random memory. Siddharth believes that the most fundamental elements for maximizing talent potential are: a sense of purpose, role relevance, and a relentless curiosity. He emphasizes the importance of asking key questions before starting any task, role, or project: 'Why' should I do this? Why should 'I' do this? Why should I do 'this?' and 'Now', what can I do? Through objective reflection and introspection, Siddharth advocates this sequence of inquiries as the optimal approach to achieving success.